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Washington Semester Program - Justice & Law

The Justice class with Terrance Gainer, the Senate Sergeant at Arms

What is “justice” in the United States? It’s an abstract subject, yet it has the power to fuel constant and heated debate. Why do people perceive justice differently? What is the best way to form your own ideas on justice and its implications in the United States? The Washington Semester in Justice & Law is your chance to explore the answers to these questions as you spend 16 weeks in the nation’s capital. You get a close – up look at how the legal system really works and at the people who define justice. The semester sweeps you into the political storm that surrounds issues of justice and introduces you to the experts and to the organizations that deal with the process on a daily basis.Washington, D.C., provides the perfect venue for your intensive study of justice.

It’s the forum for the most ardent political and social debates surrounding justice and home to the experts and institutions that lead the system. Through the Washington Semester Program, you get a rare look inside these organizations and meet personally with leaders and advocates to discuss the most current and compelling topics. The semester adds up to an exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity to gain a thorough and meaningful understanding of the American justice system and its impact on the everyday lives of citizens.

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Quote from student

"The Justice & Law Program allowed me to study one of my passions with peers from across the globe. It gave me exceptional access to key places and renowned experts in the fields of law enforcement, the judiciary, and the correctional system."
Alexander - San Francisco, CA

Past Speakers Include... 

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice
  • John Ashcroft, former Attorney General
  • Philip Morse, Capitol Police Chief
  • Terrance Gainer, Sargent at Arms, U.S. Senate

Past Internship Sites

  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • D.C. Public Defender Service
  • D.C. Metropolitan Police Department
  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  • American Bar Association