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  • Washington Internships for Native Students (WINS)
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"I have great respect for Native people who change their lives by moving to DC to work. I know the hardships of leaving family to go East."
Naomi Kasto
Cheyenne River Sioux/United Tribes Technical College

The Program of Study

In addition to the full-time internship, WINS students are required to take classes at American University. The required internship seminar complements the full-time professional experience by eliciting reflection and analysis. In the internship class, students may discuss such topics as career development, leadership, American Indian identity, politics, and communication.

Faculty, who are experts in the latest theoretical and practical areas of their fields, teach through lectures, discussions, relevant readings, writing, and research projects. Guest speakers enhance discussion and student learning.

Fall/ Spring Semester

Students are fully integrated into AU main campus courses. Special WINS courses are not offered in the Fall/ Spring. WINS enrollment ranges from 2-10 students each Fall and Spring semester.

In the Fall/ Spring semesters, students are enrolled in two AU classes: a 6-credit internship class and a 3-credit elective. Students can learn more about elective offerings from the AU schedule of classes.

Summer Semester

Special courses are designed for WINS program students in the summer. WINS summer enrollment ranges from 50-85 students.

In the summer, students are enrolled in two classes: a 3-credit internship class and a 3-credit American Indian/ Alaska Native federal policy class.  Topics have included:

  • Government policies during the early contact period
  • Federal policy eras
  • Education
  • Health issues
  • Economic development: gaming and beyond
  • Contemporary issues affecting Indian Country

Course Credit: Advancing Students Toward Home School Degrees

In addition to the full-time internship, students attend class two to three evenings per week. Each WINS student receives 9 credit hours for the fall or spring program and 6 credit hours for the summer program. American University sends a transcript to each student's home school so that credits and grades are acknowledged. The credit may be transferred toward the student's degree program.