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Community Assistant Applicants


Washington Internships for Native Students (WINS)
Fax: 202-895-4884

Washington Internships for Native Students (WINS)
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016
WSP WINS Hero Assistant

"I feel that this experience is a vital part of the circle known as my life."
Beatriz Reyes
Navajo/University of Oklahoma

The WINS program is not currently accepting applications.

General Community Assistant Responsibilities
Each Community Assistant (CA) for WINS works under the direct supervision of the WINS Program Director to maintain a healthy living and learning environment for students. The CA fulfills a vital role in the residence halls by helping WINS students integrate learning experiences gained both inside and outside of the classroom. The primary function of the CA is to facilitate interpersonal relationships and to create living situations that maximize the opportunities for WINS students to learn and celebrate American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian culture.

The CA reports to the WINS Director Program and is expected to work closely with other AU staff members. The CA is an active and integral staff member within the total AU campus community. The CA is in a position of responsibility and leadership that extends beyond the immediate scope of his/her own floor.

Time Commitment

Each CA is required to live on the AU campus in a single room provided during the WINS summer internship program. S/he will spend each night on-campus, lead frequent student activities, interact regularly with students, encourage responsible behavior always, and normally work forty (40) hours per week. Hours may cover early morning, late night, and/or weekend periods. In addition, each CA must work one 7-hour day each week in the WINS office performing administrative tasks. Flexible hours will be required during the opening and closing periods, as well as on weekend and holiday periods. Every CA will work the July 4th holiday. More information on schedules is available in the Major Responsibilities section below. A CA cannot hold additional employment during the period of the WINS program.

Training Requirements
Each CA must attend and participate in training prior to the beginning of the Program. S/he must attend any in-service training and development activities, as scheduled throughout the WINS program.

Major Responsibilities

  • Serves as the leader in developing and facilitating an environment on the floor in which students can celebrate American Indian/ Alaska Native/ Native Hawaiian culture and learn socially as well as academically.
  • Advises and/or refers students within the limits of the CA’s training and ability concerning academic, personal, and social matters.
  • Confronts, documents, and follows through on violations of published University and Residential Life policies, regulations, and procedures.
  • Develops a personal relationship with each student living on the floors. Is available and gives genuine assistance to students. Maintains daily contact and stays aware of existing and developing problems.
  • Serves as a liaison between students and the WINS Director.
  • Has a working knowledge of the University’s facilities, services and resources.
  • Is well versed in, personally abides by, and helps enforce University policies including the Housing Agreement. Failure to abide by AU policies will lead to dismissal.
  • Encourages, facilitates, and provides for American Indian/ Alaska Native/ Native Hawaiian cultural, recreational, social and educational programs on the floor and within the hall. Actively supports, plans, and attends the WINS Powwow.
  • Works to promote a sense of tolerance and consideration in the attitudes and behaviors of students living on the floor.

Performs the following duties:

  • Attends all staff meetings and training sessions (normally held weekly or more frequently).
  • Shares in duty responsibilities as assigned by the WINS Director and Resident Director/Manager.
  • Prepares and maintains hall records as assigned.
  • Assists in opening, closing, and staffing of halls at all times as assigned by the WINS Director and Resident Director/Manager.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the WINS Director or Staff Supervisor.

Personal Responsibilities and Limitations

  • Treats information concerning staff and/or students with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Aligns priorities such that CA job responsibilities take precedence.
  • Respects boundaries of the CA to resident relationship.
  • Refrains from inappropriate socializing (i.e. rough housing, flirting, consuming alcoholic beverages, etc.) with WINS participants.
  • Holds self to a high standard of leadership. Role modeling is an imperative aspect of the CA position.

Each WINS CA receives compensation:

  • Lives in a single room at no charge for the duration of the WINS program.
  • A limited AU meal plan (50 meals plus a limited amount of Eagle Bucks for the summer).
  • A stipend of $500 per month.
  • Agrees to perform CA responsibilities and signs a Personal Services Agreement. (Monthly stipend is paid for 7 hours each week of office work over the course of the program. Room and board are given in exchange for on-call hours, programming, and leadership in the residence hall.)
  • For a CA coming from outside the DC area: receives round-trip transportation to AU (following the same transportation guidelines as WINS students).

WINS CA Application
Preferred candidates will have:

  • Experience as a community assistant/community advisor and/or campus leader
  • Demonstrated dedication to helping the American Indian/ Alaska Native/ Native Hawaiian community in a proactive and supportive way.
  • Apply by April 1 for the summer term. Send a resume, cover letter, and contact information of 3 references to:
    WINS Program
    American University
    4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
    Washington DC 20016-8083
    Email: Fax: (202)895-4882