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2017 Diversity & Inclusion Award

The Lunchtime Basketball League Receive the Diversity and Inclusion Award from President Kerwin, Provost Bass, and Doug Kudravetz.

Lunchtime Basketball League

2017 Diversity & Inclusion Award Winners

Lunchtime Basketball League
Gregory Fletcher, Jocelyn Hill, & Professor John Watson

Gregory Fletcher, Jocelyn Hill, and Professor John Watson have been bringing staff and faculty together for noon basketball games for years. Regardless of your position within the university, this game has brought janitors, facilities crew members, student advisors, full professors, and department chairs together in a meaningful way and collegial relationships and friendships have blossomed as a result.

Greg has been playing in the game since the 1970s, and still graces the game with his skills and great sense of humor. Jocelyn has been the “commissioner” of the basketball league and maintains the email listserv, reserves court space, recruits new faculty and staff to play in the game, and enforces the rules and ethics of the game. John Watson has been playing in the game for nearly two decades and keeps everyone on an even keel with the natural respect he engenders.

These three individuals have been consistent role models of fair play, generosity of spirit, and a welcoming attitude toward all faculty and staff. All three are “connectors” who spread the word about the game through informal channels. Jocelyn is welcoming, fair, and kind, but also has been a true leader and enforcer of our court ethics, never allowing arguments to slip out of control or the game to be anything but fair and friendly.

The game is a fantastic opportunity to meet staff and faculty from many different parts of the university. While waiting for the next game, there is ample time to chat and really get to know others who are also waiting to get on the court. On average, 15 people will show up at any one game, but there have probably been well over 100 people who have participated over the years. It’s usually an even split of faculty and staff as well as an ethnically diverse group. Many faculty and staff who have participated in these games believe that it is one of the best ways to get to know others on campus as well as one of the best things about AU.

In recognition for their efforts to make the noon basketball games a success and bring together staff and faculty, American University is pleased to present Gregory Fletcher, Jocelyn Hill, and John Watson with the 2017 Diversity & Inclusion Award.

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