A Letter from Our Executive Committee

Dear AU Community,

Now is the time to reflect on the past year, and we are happy to share what the Staff Council is working on and has accomplished. Our top 12 initiatives include:

1. The 2013-2014 Staff Council Survey: With more than 500 responses from staff, Staff Council has been able to share feedback regarding Transportation, Benefits and Workplace Learning & Development to help make positive change. The responses have also guided our efforts as a council to research tuition remission benefits, community-building activities, and service opportunities, among others.

2. Staff Council had the highest turnout recorded for the Fall Luncheon this year with more than 425 staff in attendance. While enjoying a delicious meal, staff was updated by President Kerwin on diversity and service priorities, experienced newly launched comprehensive myBenefitsportal, sustainability initiatives, and participated in round table discussions about priorities.

3. Internally, Staff Council has undergone a review and reallocation of districts to better represent staff constituencies so that there is more presence and accessibility for staff to connect with their liaison.

4. Staff Councils’ traditions of Book and Media Swaps have added new twists this year! We have incorporated an office supply swap and canned food drive and both were a success, as departments across campus shared supplies, students received free supplies for school, and Goodwill and A Wider Circle benefited from donations.

5. Staff Council participated in the Middle States Reaccreditation process by meeting with members of the visiting team to discuss staff relevant issues and successes regarding the PMP, governance and staff retention. http://www.american.edu/middlestates/index.cfm

6. Internally, Staff Council has initiated an onboarding program and a Satellite Campus Inclusion Committee to better serve our constituencies regardless of office location.

7. The Winter Clothing Drive resulted in roughly 12 bags full of clothes in donations to A Wider Circle.

8. Staff Council’s dollar drive raised more than $470 for Martha’s Table.

9. Staff Council has revamped our website and is rebranding in order to supply the public with fresh and more relevant information. Check us out here.

10. Staff Council has partnered with HR to include articles for their newsletter, such as this one.

11. Staff Council will come together to support the tradition of Campus Beautification Day.

12. Staff Council is participating on the Staff Appreciation Committee, to ensure memorable activities come late May!

The end of this Staff Council term comes with bittersweet emotions, as we say farewell to those who built our solid foundation, and welcome the fresh faces who will further our mission. We want to thank all outgoing Staff Council members for volunteering their time to benefit AU. Also, our loyal leader and Staff Council Chair, Matteo Becchi, will be leaving us after four years of service. We congratulate him on leading Staff Council through all of the aforementioned accomplishments and many more that aren’t listed. He has brought his technical expertise, project management and systems thinking to the forefront, and we will miss his easy laugh and calming nature. Find out more about him and others here.

All the best,

The Staff Council Executive Team

Matteo Becchi, Emily Curly and Celina Ryan