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Strategic Plan | Timeline

Strategic Plan Timeline

November 2008
Strategic Plan Approved
February 2009
Strategic Plan Implementation Report, Two-Year Objectives and Two-Year Budget Approved, 2009-2011
September 2010
Preliminary Assessment of Progress
February 2011
Strategic Plan Implementation Report, Two-Year Objectives and Two-Year Budget Approved, 2011-2013
September 2011
Report on Initial Two-Year Strategic Plan

Phase 1 (November 2007–February 2008)

  • Establish the scope of the plan through discussion and recommendations from campus constituencies on subjects to be covered;
  • Compile and distribute information on the status of the university, trends in the higher education environment, and external influences that may be important;
  • Convene a steering committee of representatives from campus constituencies and presidential appointees based on input from the university community;
  • Submit the scope of the plan to the Board of Trustees for review.

Phase 2 (February 2008–July 2008)

  • Discussion constituencies, organizations, and individuals consider available information, review areas included in the scope of the plan, develop proposed goals, and communicate goals (including broad themes) and commentary to the steering committee.
  • Steering committee interacts with key constituencies, groups, and individuals to clarify, discuss, and expand proposed goals.
  • Board reviews and comments on progress of the plan.
  • Steering committee develops a draft strategic plan, proposes metrics to measure performance, and submits plan to community for review and comment; responsible officials estimate costs and draft plan.

Phase 3 (August 2008–November 2008)

  • Steering committee meets with key constituencies to hear comments, criticisms, and additional recommendations on draft plan.
  • Steering committee completes proposed plan with commentary on major recommendations considered and rejected and forwards the plan to the president for review and action.
  • Campus constituencies communicate their views on the proposed plan.
  • President presents proposed plan to Board of Trustees for review and possible revision and approval.

Phase 4 (2009-Present)

  • Implementation of the plan—by responsible university officials and governance bodies with board oversight, including regular reports to the university community.
  • Board action and final strategic plan is reported to the community.