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Success Story

Faculty Success Story

Professor Transforms Artifice into Art

By Anne Bentzel

Through his paintings, including a series of self-portraits in shirts with Target, Coca Cola, and other famous logos on them, Tim Doud plays with the notion of artifice. “Branding is artifice,” he says. ‘Wear something with a brand on it and you’re imposing an idea upon everyone who sees you.”

Artifice, explored in Doud’s paintings through his subjects’ use of wigs, makeup, and clothing, acts as a theme for much of his internationally exhibited work. He explains, “I continue to explore the idea of artifice and how it can both reveal and conceal. I still don’t have all the answers. That is the most interesting thing about it. Once you have answered a question, it’s time to find a new one.”


 Each Student is an Artist

As a graduate thesis advisor, Doud helps MFA students uncover the questions they will explore in their own work. “As faculty we work hard not only to fortify our students as artists but also to familiarize them with the field,” he says. “Our program, located feet away from the American University Museum of contemporary art at the Katzen Arts Center and within minutes of D.C.’s major galleries and museums, exposes MFA students to the sheer potential of what art can yield.”