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Technology News


Empowering Our Students

Several new portal applications empower our students to access and manage critical information pertaining to them. This trend results in improved delivery of services to our students; supports our "green" initiative by eliminating paper, where possible; streamlined administrative processes; and reduced support requirements.

5,946 students updated their in-session and/or home addresses, since a new self-service tool was made available in the Web portal at the beginning of the fall semester. Students are now required to update and maintain these addresses before they are permitted to register for the next semester. As a result, American University's emergency preparedness has improved significantly.

Another application enhanced during the fall 2008 semester allows students to accept their financial aid awards through the Web portal. This tool replaces a custom built application with a new architecture developed by our ERP administrative system vendor. This new tool is better aligned with our systems and will offer exciting new functionality. During the spring, students will be able to monitor and view their financial aid documents that have been received by AU, as well as to receive notifications of outstanding requirements. This should result in improved communications and efficiencies for both the students and the administrative offices.