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Gotta Run: Faster Credit Card Processing in Dining Services

Hungry and rushing off to class? You will be pleased to hear that a new method of processing credit card transactions is being introduced at our dining services locations to not only speed up the lines and reduce your wait at the register, but at the same time add an increased level of security for your transactions.

The Office of Information Technology is working conjunction with Housing and Dining Programs and Bon Appetit, our Food Services provider, to design and implement a new system for processing credit card transactions. The old system used modems to process your purchases, which was slow and susceptible to error.

Individual transactions have been taking an average of 30-45 seconds to process, a noticeable wait time. As credit card usage in the dining areas has become more popular, the delays and complaints have been beginning to mount.

The new system is expected to be implemented in all campus dining locations next week. It will use AU's fast network backbone to carry these transactions securely, reducing the time per transaction to less than 6 seconds, getting you on your way as quickly as possible.

In addition, this new method of credit card processing will be more secure, and meet new Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards to ensure your credit card data is handled according to strict guidelines.