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introducing online training

Online Leadership Courses for Managers

At this time, you will be able to complete the foundation course Essentials of Leadership via a web browser from your computer.  The EOL course is a pre-requisite for most of the leadership classes that have recently been added to the course offerings from Workplace Learning & Development. Once this course is completed, you will be prepared to attend many of the additional courses in our catalogue.  Please review the following information, as well as the attached documents, prior to beginning the course.

To register, please email with your AU ID number.  You will receive your login information in approximately a week

Desktop Configurations

Internet Browser:
The Learning Portal System (LPS) can be accessed using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or 7.0

Pop-up Blockers:
The content loads in a pop-up window upon launching the course. Please temporarily disable third party security pop-up blockers so that the content successfully loads when launching the course(s). Please contact the help desk if you need further assistance with disabling pop-up blocking programs.  

Flash Player:
Many of the interactive animations and video files within the courses are Flash files. You must have a Flash player installed to successfully experience the course(s). Please visit the Adobe website or contact the help desk if you need further assistance with installing flash player.  

Important Course Completion Tips

  1. When you launch a course, it will display in another window. If you close the Course List page, any course windows that are displayed will also close.
  2. If you have questions regarding course navigation or functionality, please click on the “Help” link in the top of the course window to access the Web-Based Training Quick Start Guide.
  3. You may bookmark and save your progress in the course(s) by clicking the “Return to Course List” function button within the course units window.
  4. Your status will be marked “Completed” upon successful completion of the Mastery Check unit and after every page within each unit in the course has been visited (including the Applying Your Skills unit, which follows the Mastery Check). 

For technology questions regarding the software, contact the AU helpdesk at For questions or feedback regarding the program content, please contact Stephanie Cappucci at or extension 2513.