Professional Development

Professional Development

Professional Development

Helping AU employees develop and practice the skills to be successful in both their current and future positions.

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Professional Development

Courses and certificates for staff: supporting a culture of change, innovation, and high performance.

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Staff Competency Guide

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Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty Supervisors & Staff


For all Faculty and Staff:

Register for professional development courses, certificates, track your training, and more using the "Learning" module in AsuccessfulU. Please see steps below for how to register for courses.

Courses and Certificates

The cornerstone of our Professional Development offerings is our certificate program. We grouped a variety of our course offerings into certificate programs that allow you to develop in-depth knowledge and expertise in a specific area. These certificates are divided into two programs: "Developing High Performance Through Leadership" and "Developing High Performance Through Personal Skill Mastery." Each series emphasizes a different area of proficiency.

Each course listed below may be taken on an individual basis or as part of a certificate program.

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Developing High Performance through Leadership

Leading for Engagement and Inclusion Certificate

Essentials of Leadership (available online or in-person)
Building an Environment of Trust for Leaders
Delegating for Results (Pre-requisite: Essentials of Leadership)
Managing for Repect in the Workplace: We Need to MEET

Leading with Impact Certificate

Prerequisite: Essentials of Leadership (available online or in-person)
Coaching for Improvement (available online or in-person)
Leading Change (available online or in-person)
Coaching for Success (available online or in-person)

Leading with Insight Certificate

Situational Leadership
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Building an Environment of Trust for Leaders
Political Savvy

Leading for High Performance Certificate

Introduction to Project Management
Building an Environment of Trust for Leaders
Critical Thinking for Peak Performance
Improving Personal Productivity

Launching as a New Manager Certificate

Prerequisite: Essentials of Leadership (available online or in-person)
Getting Started as a New Leader (online only)
Maximizing Meeting Effectiveness
Delegating for Results

Leading Innovative Thinking Certificate

Leadership: Creating the Climate for Innovation
Creative Problem Solving for Individual Innovation
Giving and Receiving Ideas: How to Influence Acceptance and Realize Potential

Leading for Results Certificate

Prerequisite: Essentials of Leadership (available online or in-person)
Developing Others
Setting Performance Expectations (available online or in-person)
Reviewing Performance Progress (available online and in-person)


Developing High Performance through Personal Skill Mastery Program

Personal Development Certificate

Introduction to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Presenting Yourself with Impact
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

High Performance Certificate

Prerequisite: Communicating with Impact (online only)
Personal Empowerment: Using Your Initiative
Improving Personal Productivity
Taking Charge of Your Career Development

Building Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Certificate

Valuing Diversity and Inclusion
Exploring Intercultural Communication
Generations in the Workplace
Safe Space Sticker Program

Team Development Certificate

Prerequisite: Communicating with Impact (online only) or Essential of Leadership (available online or in-person)
Reaching Agreement in Teams
Working as a High Performance Team
Maximizing Meeting Effectiveness

Career Development Certificate

Taking Charge of Your Career Development
Interviewing for the Job You Want
Writing a Resume That Gets Results 

Maximizing Project Impact Certificate

Process Mapping
Project Management
Rational Decision Making

Navigating Change Certificate

Prerequisite: Communicating with Impact (online only) or Essential of Leadership (available online or in-person)
Navigating Beyond Conflict
Building Trust with Colleagues
Embracing Chagne

Brown Bag Sessions

We offer a series of lunch time sessions (noon - 2 p.m.) each year on a variety of topics related to time challenges, the desire to improve the work environment, and individual team performance. Look for announcements in Today@AU, and feel free to bring your lunch.

Additional Courses

Faculty and staff are invited to browse our entire selection of professional development and training opportunities in the Learning module of AsuccessfulU.

Faculty and Staff:

How to register for courses:

Browse the course catalog and register for classes online through the Learning module.

To register log into AsuccessfulU via the myAU Portal, then click the "Go to AsuccessfulU" button. Go to the Home drop down menu and select the "Learning" module. Search for courses using the "Search Catalog" field, once you find the desired course, click "Register Now" then view availability under "Available Offerings." Then click "Register Now" for the desired date and time and click "Confirm" to complete registration.

How to register for a Certificate:

To register for a certificate and track your progress through the program, staff must register under the name of the certificate in the Learning Module of AsuccessfulU. If you have any questions regarding certificates, please send an email to You will receive your certificate upon successful completion of all required courses.