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Learn more about creativity and innovation by attending sessions with Dr. Scott Isaksen, a leading researcher, academician, and practitioner in the field of innovation.












11:30  a.m. – 1 p.m.


Lunch-and-Learn  with Dr. Scott G. Isaksen


Faculty  and Staff



“Creating  an Innovative AU”

  • Explore  the landscape of innovation
  • How  might AU build capabilities around climate creation, inclusive leadership,  and deliberate process for faculty, staff, and students



McDowell Formal Lounge


4:30 p.m.
-6 p.m.


Panel  – Dr. Robert Edgell,  Dr. Katherine  Farquar, Dr. Scott G. Isaksen


Faculty,  staff, (graduate students also welcome)


“Innovation:  Hidden Assumptions, Paradoxes, and What Could Be in Universities”

  • Revealing…traps  of hidden assumptions
  • Probing….the  institutional contradictions
  • Syncing…meaningful  approaches to innovations

Hughes Formal Lounge



Scott G. Isaksen

Dr. Isaksen is the President of the Creative Problem Solving Group Inc. a Senior Fellow of its Creativity Research Unit, and a professor of Organizational Leadership and Management at the Norwegian School of Management. A former professor and director of the International Center for Studies in Creativity (1981-1996), he has published more than 190 books, articles and chapters including: Creative Problem Solving: The Basic Course (1985), Frontiers of Creativity Research: Beyond the Basics (1987), Understanding and Recognizing Creativity (1993), Nurturing and Developing Creativity (1993), Creative Approaches to Problem Solving (1994, 2000, 2010), Facilitative Leadership (2000) and Meeting the Innovation Challenge (2006). Scott has conducted more than 2000 programs and courses by working with over 270 organizations and groups in more than 41 states or provinces and 26 different countries. He also serves as a consulting editor for the Journal of Creative Behavior. Scott is a Colleague of the Creative Education Foundation (CEF, 1979), recipient of CEF’s Service and Commitment Award (1989), named a CEF Distinguished Leader (1995), and was awarded the State University of New York Chancellor’s Award in Excellence in Teaching (1996).

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education (Cum Laude, 1974), a Master of Science degree from Buffalo State College in Creativity and Innovation (1977 – one of the first 5 graduates from the program), and a Doctorate in Curriculum Design from the University at Buffalo (1983). Scott is a member of The American Psychological Association and The Product Development Management Association.


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