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American University | Board Policies



       The sensitive nature of Board decision-making requires an environment of trust and mutual respect. Confidentiality is a keystone for frank and open discussion and a protection for the University as a whole. Trustees are expected to respect and maintain the confidential nature of those Board matters, including documents and discussion, in both committee and Board meetings.

      Confidential Board matters should not be disclosed in any conversation external to the Board itself or other members of the Board. Special care should be taken to not comment on Board or University matters with the media unless requested to do so by the University or the Board Chair. Media inquiries should normally be responded to by the Board chair, University president, or other designated University spokesperson.

      Respect for the Board’s policy on confidentiality is considered so important that a breach of it may be considered a sufficient basis for sanction by the Board chair, such as removal from committee positions, up to and including removal from the Board.

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