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Success Stories

  • The FACTS of the Matter

    Read more to learn how one alumna's good works are broadcast through the world.

  • Spreading the Word of Good

    There may be no better place for a person with graduate degrees in International Peace and Conflict Resolution and Theological Studies to land than the place where the former continues and the latter began.

  • Giving Unto Others

    One alumna's efforts give students in Africa a life-changing education.

  • Professor Matt Nisbet talks to a student

    AU SOC Professor Matt Nisbet: Making Sense of Science

    With degrees from Dartmouth and Cornell, Nisbet helps scientists educate a skeptical public, reframing their findings in terms of shared values, scientific promise, transparency, and economic benefits.

  • Scoping Out the Trends

    Cn U c the 411 on GenX 4 CNN?

  • Doing Big Business in a Small Town

    How useful can a degree in international studies be when its holder works in a small town? More so than you might think.