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Success Stories

  • Philosophy in the Arts

    Prof. Erfani teaches Meaning and Purpose in the Arts, a course which is a PHIL 200 level in cluster 1, so many students will reach his class with no previous philosophical knowledge. Through special teaching techniques he is able to reach GenEd goals.

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    A Student's Perspective: Vanessa Garber

    Why are students still reluctant to take general education classes if such new interesting techniques are being implemented? I decided I needed a student perspective that could help me get an answer to my question.

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    More Than Just Credits

    Alejandra Camacho talks with Danna Walker, professor of Understanding Mass Media who has has very interesting strategies that will help the students leave the class with something more than just credits.

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    A Faculty Perspective: Danna Walker

    School of Communications faculty member Danna Walker weighs in on her experience teaching in the General Education program.

  • A Daily Workout

    As the professor for Understanding Mass Media, Prof. Menke-Fish, sees it, general education is exactly like a daily workout that students need to take advantage of.

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    A Student Perspective: Zach Ulrich

    Zach Ulrich, AU undergraduate student and two-time General Education Faculty Assistant, believes General Education is not about having a bunch of different courses, it's about being able to think a bunch of different ways.