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Success Stories

  • Harsanyi

    To the Rescue

    When big business stumbles, it calls on Fruzsina Harsanyi, SIS/BA/MA '64,'67, SPA/PhD '72.

  • Fresh Food, Fresh Ideas at the Farmer's Market

    Sustainable agriculture is on the rise, and Elizabeth Falk, SIS/MA '06, is bringing it to Washington, DC.

  • From the Pigpen to Paris

    Blair Mersinger, SIS/BA ’06, MA ’08, went from AU to the State Department, where she landed her dream job.

  • A Delicate Balance

    Imagine living in a foreign country, speaking a new language, and scoring both a high GPA and the second-highest number of field hockey goals in AU history. That's what it's like to be German native and athletic superstar Irene Schickhardt, SIS/BA ’09.

  • Caroline Herter

    SOC Alumna Joins Kaiser Family Foundation, Films PSA

    When Caroline Herter landed a job at Kaiser Family Foundation after earning her MA in Public Communication, she was excited. When she flew to LA to film her first public service announcement, she was ecstatic.

  • "A Good Challenge"

    Deplaning in Bangkok, Thailand, Jennryn Wetzler, SIS/MA ’09, was ready for adventure.