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A Faculty Perspective: Andrew Lewis


I've given General Education a great deal of thought over the past few years and my classes have evolved accordingly as I've become a more experienced, and hopefully, better teacher. First, I'm more inclined to let students do the learning for themselves than I used to be. By that I mean that I'm more patient with letting students tell me (and each other) about what they find interesting/troubling/perplexing in particular readings rather than making sure that I drive home what I want them to learn. I've taken this approach with lectures as well -- asking students to tell me what it is that they hear and what they think it means. Over time this has led to livelier in class conversations; more investment by the students in their own education; and a savvier crop of critical thinkers by the end of the semester. At the end of each class I'm regularly pleased to find that I've covered the material that I wanted to cover but have also included much more than I would have anticipated because of what the students find in the readings and in the lectures.

And, for me? It means that I've got to be quicker on my toes and much more responsive to questions and comments that I might not have anticipated. But then, being creative and thinking hard is why I got into this profession.