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University Awards

Collaboration Award

This award is given to a staff member or group who contributed to team performance by providing encouragement and support, helped others overcome obstacles, and successfully accomplished goals; was an honest and dependable team player who contributed to group collaboration and consensual decision making and showed empathy and respect for others, and who built and maintained good working relationships.


Demonstrated a combination of the following:

  • Adjusted his/her work approach to accommodate needs and preferences of others; considered how his/her actions would affect others; listened and acted on suggestions made by others
  • Looked for ways to help his/her coworkers; responded positively to requests for assistance; shared information and ideas to help others achieve their goals
  • Showed appreciation towards other people in the organization; thanked people for their contributions; welcomed new members to the organization
  • Volunteered to assist with group activities and needs; looked for ways to contribute to the team
  • Actively participated in team meetings and activities; involved others in decisions and projects; leveraged the skills and interests of coworkers to achieve goals and solve problems
  • Encouraged people to think of themselves as a team; talked about projects and goals in terms of group accomplishments and efforts; focused on shared interests and goals
  • Showed enthusiasm towards being a member of the group; conveyed respect and appreciation toward the talents and contributions of fellow team members; took pride in being part of the team
  • Supported team decisions; and supported projects; actively contributed time and effort to help the team achieve its shared goals