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2013 Student Achievement Awards Recipients

2013's Student Achievement Awards recipients.

CRITERIA: Student must have been admitted to a degree program as of September 2013 and be a graduating senior participating in the May 2014 Commencement ceremonies. Requires demonstration of unique contributions as well as service benefiting the University community, whether through student government, public service, organizational leadership, or a combination of several categories. Specific criteria for each of these 10 named awards can be found by clicking on the link below or through the online application. Each award includes $250 as part of the recognition.

10 Student Achievement Awards Specific Criteria

History of Each Student Achievement Award


Nomination By Others:
Faculty, staff and other students may nominate a student for the 2014 Student Achievement Awards. Nominations should be completed via (see instructions below). Students nominated will automatically receive an email notification that they have been nominated and will be asked to submit a resume and other supporting materials for their nomination.


Self-Nominations should be completed via (see instructions below). The self-nomination form invites students to list faculty/staff who can speak to their contributions to American University.

Letters of Recommendation:

The nomination form asks the nominator (including self-nominations) to list no more than three (3) individuals (faculty/staff members) who will provide letters of recommendation that speak to the contributions the nominee has made to the American University. An email will be sent to those listed as providing a letter. Recommendation should reflect the criteria identified in the award. We discourage recommendations that intend to capture nominations for more than one award.


To nominate a student, fill out the nomination form through the AU portal beginning on January 24. Your nomination forms can be saved and edited until the nomination deadline.

Deadline (Nominations): 
Friday, March 21, 2014 (extended to March 26 at noon) - via the portal via the above instructions.

Deadline (Recommendations/Supporting Materials):
Friday, March 21, 2014 (extended to March 26 at noon) - use link from email sent to recommender
or to