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Army Corps of Engineers, Project Update | Archive


August 29, 2006

TO: Campus Community
FROM: Jorge Abud, Assistant Vice President of Facilities and Administration Services
SUBJECT: Army Corps of Engineers Activity Near Kreeger

For several years, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has  been conducting environmental investigations and cleanup activities on and  around the university campus.  This work  will continue in coming weeks as the Army Corps undertakes arsenic-containing  soil cleanup activities near Kreeger.  The  university is actively monitoring these activities in order to protect the  health and safety of the campus community.   As work progresses, please be aware of truck and construction traffic  around the affected sites. 


Beginning today, August 29, the Army Corps will excavate  soil near the southeast corner of Kreeger, as well as on adjacent properties on  Rockwood Parkway.  The Army Corps will be using the Fletcher  Gate access road to reach these areas.


During the week of September 5, the Army Corps will  excavate two other sites in the vicinity of Kreeger.  The first site is located to the west of  Kreeger, near the driveway.  As a result,  trucks and heavy equipment will be situated in the area, and personnel will be  on hand to direct traffic when this equipment is removed.  The second site is located between Kreeger  and the Hamilton building.  The Hamilton parking lot will  be closed for two weeks, starting September 5 to facilitate work on this  site.  The Army Corps will access this  site via the Fletcher Gate access road and the main excavation site on campus,  known as “Lot 18.”  All excavation sites will be backfilled  immediately following excavation, and they will be seeded and mulched shortly  thereafter.


The university has established an information line at  (202) 885-2020, which you may call if you have questions.  This memorandum and all other communications  regarding the Army Corps’ presence on campus are posted on the AU website  dedicated to this project,

August 29, 2006 12:17 PM