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Army Corps of Engineers, Project Update | Archive



The Army Corps announced on Friday, December 17, that on November 23 it found a 4.5-inch sealed and intact bottle in Lot 18 on our campus. The small bottle dates to the Army’s World War I activities on our campus. It contained a small amount of liquid that has been determined to include dithiane and thioxane, two breakdown products of the World War I chemical agent mustard. The find was of no danger to the AU community due to the substantial safety protocols in place. We continue to work with our independent scientific consultant, Dr. Paul Chrostowski, and with monitoring agencies (EPA and D.C. Health) for oversight of the Army Corps’ work and to ensure that the highest standards of safety are met. The current operation has paused for the holiday break and will resume the week of January 3. Updates will continue to be provided as the Army Corps digging proceeds. If you have questions, please call x2020.

December 21, 2004