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Army Corps of Engineers, Project Update | Archive

June 22, 2001

 TO:  Campus Community
 FROM:  Benjamin Ladner, President
 SUBJECT:  Army Corps of Engineers Update

We have just received results of soil sampling tests conducted last February by the Army Corps of Engineers on approximately 200 compounds taken from the Child Development Center (CDC) area.

Dr. Paul Chrostowski, an environmental health scientist, has provided a preliminary review of the data. Because the Corps sampled a large number of compounds, it will take several more weeks to provide a conclusive analysis of the data, but we are cautiously optimistic about the results. Based on these early indications, the great majority of the chemicals - excluding the arsenic samplings reported last winter - are below EPA screening levels of concern.

Of course, we will continue to communicate updated information as soon as we receive it. We are also working with the Corps to begin soil remediation and restoration of the CDC yard as quickly as possible.

Results for arsenic testing on the intramural field and other areas of campus are expected shortly. We will determine a course of action for that area after the test results have been received and analyzed. Given the time required to carry out these activities, it is highly unlikely that the intramural field will be open for the start of the Fall semester. We will keep you informed as more information becomes available

As always, if you have any questions about the Corps of Engineers project on the AU campus, please call the information line at (202) 885-2020