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Army Corps of Engineers, Project Update | Archive

March 20, 2002

 TO:  Campus Community
 FROM:  Benjamin Ladner
 SUBJECT:  Army Corps of Engineers Work - Revised Timetable

The Army Corps of Engineers has notified us of a change in their timetable and operations for completing their work on University property. This will affect the final phases of work around the Child Development Center, for removing and replacing soil on the intramural fields, and for conducting work on the President's Residence at 4835 Glenbrook Road.

It was the Army Corps' intention to finish all soil remediation surrounding the CDC and begin soil removal and replacement on the IM fields during spring semester, with the understanding that these facilities would be available for University use in time for fall semester.

The Army Corps has informed us, however, that the IM fields, CDC, the area behind Kreeger, and President's Residence will undergo additional geophysical work (detection of metal or other materials) as an extra precaution, to assess whether objects of concern are buried on the grounds. They will use scientifically advanced equipment in this endeavor, which will supplement the previous metal detection work done during the Army Corps' campus operations in 1993-95. These areas are the only campus properties identified for this additional work at this time.

The Army Corps has assured us they will work as quickly as possible. They are ready to begin this week at the President's Residence; they intend to finish all four sites in April, with results from these tests due in the weeks to follow. Provided nothing is found, the soil remediation will continue. At this time, the Army has not provided a timetable to estimate when all of the work will be finished. We will keep the campus informed when such details are available. I would like to thank everyone for the patience you have demonstrated in dealing with the considerable inconveniences this work has caused.

As a reminder, this memo, along with all other campus memos on the Army Corps of Engineers project, is posted on the AU web-site; and questions may be directed to (202) 885-2020.