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Army Corps of Engineers, Project Update | Archive

May 21, 2004 

TO: Campus Community
FROM: Benjamin Ladner, President
SUBJECT: Army Corps Activities on Campus

I would like to inform you of the next steps by the Army Corps of Engineers as they prepare to excavate the last area of interest on our campus.


During the next few weeks, the Army Corps will be engaged in set-up activities on Lot 18 to ensure that their work there meets or exceeds the safety measures they have used in excavating other areas of our campus. Lot 18 is the area behind the Hamilton, Kreeger, Rockwood, public safety, financial aid, and admissions buildings. The Corps will be moving equipment to the site, using a crane to set up a tent structure, connecting electrical and utilities feeds, installing water tanks and generators, surveying, and installing plants behind homes on Rockwood Parkway. The home at 4621 Rockwood, which is owned by AU, will serve as the Army Corps headquarters for this activity.


Beginning in late June, the Corps will conduct a thorough search of the Lot 18 area to ensure that all World War I materials are found and removed from campus. The entire operation at this site is likely to last 18-24 months. When it is completed, the Army Corps will have finished all planned activities on the AU campus.


With the help of outside experts, we have been reviewing plans, confirming safety procedures, setting schedules, and identifying equipment tests that might be noticeable or disruptive to campus, such as sirens, alarms, motor noises, etc. Additionally, the Corps is working with the Environmental Protection Agency and the D.C. Department of Health to ensure that all safety protocols will be in place and followed. Part of this effort will entail education and safety training for the staff in the buildings previously mentioned. We will soon be contacting persons in these buildings to participate in the training.


I will notify you when the start date is set and, when we have completed our review and planning in a couple of weeks, I will provide more specific information about what we will have learned about the effects of the project on our normal operations and any additional details that have become available. As always, if you have questions, please call 202-885-2020 and someone will return your call.