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Virtual Computing Lab

On Thursday, August 18th the system was upgraded and the Ericom client was replaced with the new VMware Horizon client. If you are having issues connecting to the VCL, please uninstall the old client software and install the new version. If you have any questions or need help installing the new client, please email


The Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) allows faculty and students to remotely access software applications that they don't have installed on their personal computers. The benefit is the ability to run these programs “anywhere, anytime”, off-campus or on campus, with 24/7 access, and without the need to visit an on-campus computer lab. 

You can use VCL from anywhere you have an established and reliable Internet connection.

For drop-in support and usage tutorials (SPSS, STATA, NVivo, Eviews, MATLAB and Mathematica), visit the VCL help center in the CTRL Lab (Hurst 203). A consultant on duty will assist you with accessing VCL and understanding the software on virtual desktops. Please view the CTRL Lab webpage for further information and contact details.

The Economics Virtual Computing Lab (EVCL), Econ apps pool, just like the university-wide AU-VCL-Lab pool, allows users to remotely access software applications, tailored to the needs of the Department of Economics faculty and students. Users have the ability to run these programs "anywhere, anytime", off-campus or on campus, with 24/7 access as long as their machines are connected to the internet. Currently, the pool is restricted to three (3) virtual desktops, based on the licensing requirements of some of the software applications.

If you are a user of the VCL system, please fill out a short Feedback Form. Your comments will help us make the system better.