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Request for Certification

This form must be completed and submitted before each semester / module you plan on using VA Education Benefits

Request Certificate

Yellow Ribbon Application

Application for:

  • New AU students
  • Current students who've changed degree program (BA/BS to MA/MS)

You do not need to apply for Yellow Ribbon each semester

Apply for Yellow Ribbon

VA Benefits Application Form

This initializes your benefits and must only be completed once.

Apply for VA Benefits

Complete EVERY semester

For Graduate Students enrolled in a program with modular courses, please complete a request for certification before the beginning of each module.

This form may be completed retroactively (late), however completing a retroactive (late) request for certification does not guarantee funds will cover excessive cost of attendance if a student complete multiple subsequent enrollments and exceeds benefit caps (see Yellow Ribbon tab). Completing a retroactive (late) request for certification will cause a delay in submitting your enrollment to the VA and may result in unexpected expenses to the student as well as delays in housing allowance/BAH and books & supplies stipend.
Newly admitted AU students who meet the basic eligibility requirements should apply

Current Yellow Ribbon Program recipients need not reapply UNLESS you're changing your degree program (BA/BS to MA/MS, etc)

Yellow Ribbon Amounts for the 17-18 academic year (August 1 2017 - July 31 2018)

2017-2018 Academic Year GI Bill Cap: $22,805.34

Undergraduate Yellow Ribbon per contributor:
$11,904.83 VA
$11,904.83 AU

Graduate Yellow Ribbon per contributor:
$10,500 VA
$10,500 AU

Law School Yellow Ribbon per contributor:

How to understand the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon:

GI Bill Cap + YR VA + YR AU = total funding
GI Bill cap must first be exhausted before Yellow Ribbon funds can be dispersed

Full time undergraduates exhaust their GI Bill cap in the Fall, then exhaust Yellow Ribbon in the Spring.
This maxes undergraduate funding for the academic year until caps reset on August 1.
Undergraduates enrolled in over 17.5 credit hours are responsible for the excessive costs
Prior to enrolling, undergraduates considering to enroll in the Summer should contact the Veterans Office at least a week prior to the add/drop deadline.

Graduate students and Law students vary in their use of funds.

Students who exceed both the GI Bill cap and the Yellow Ribbon cap within an academic year are responsible for the excess costs.

Any funds not used in GI Bill Cap or Yellow Ribbon do NOT roll over (use it or lose it)

When eligibility ratings change that result in an increase to where the student becomes potentially eligible to receive Yellow Ribbon (ex: 80% to 100%), the date the applicant became eligible is considered the effective date of eligibility to be awarded Yellow Ribbon. AU will only award and disperse Yellow Ribbon funds from that date forward. Retroactive Yellow Ribbon funds cannot be dispersed to previous semesters.
Changes made AFTER the add/drop deadline are the responsibility of the student

All students:

Please notify the AU Veterans Office if you've made changes after the add/drop deadline

Students cannot be retroactively certified for changes they elect after the add/drop deadline


Undergraduates enrolled in over 17.5 credit hours are responsible for the excess costs

Contact the Veterans Office before enrolling in Summer


Please notify the Veterans Office via or complete a request for certification if your enrollment has changed (if you've added or dropped classes).

Graduate students enrolled in programs with modular classes should complete a request for certification before the beginning of each module.

Graduate Program deadlines may vary, please check with your academic adviser before making any changes to your enrollment
AU Veterans Office

AU Central
201 Asbury Building

Walk - in hours: 1-5
By appointment: 9-12
VA Education and Training Helpline: 1-888-442-4551
Please have SSN on-hand to ensure the VA can verify your records and enrollment