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Additional reports and memos predating those listed here are available by contacting the Office of the President at 202-885-2121 or email

February 15, 2017
Memo: Strategic Plan Goals for Years 9 and 10
October 13, 2016
Memo: Call for Objectives, Final Two Years of AU's Strategic Plan
October 13, 2016
Report: Strategic Plan Objectives: Fall 2016*
April 9, 2015
Memo: Spring Semester Update
March 6, 2015
AU Budget, Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017
February 19, 2015
Memo: Final Review of Strategic Plan Objectives, Years 7 and 8
October 21, 2014
Memo: Strategic Plan-Past Progress & Call for Objectives
July 24, 2014
Memo: Mid-Semester Campus Update

Project Teams

  • Nana An, executive director, Budget and Payroll (co-chair)
  • Karen Froslid Jones, director, Institutional Research and Assessment (co-chair)
  • Robin Beads, associate director, Institutional Research and Assessment *
  • Bill DeLone, former executive director, CTRL, and professor, Kogod School of Business
  • Maria Jackson, designer, University Publications
  • Kamalika Sandell, senior director, Enterprise Systems *
  • Bernie Schulz, former special assistant to the VP, Campus Life
  • Abby Fagin Silberman, former assistant VP, Development
  • David Swartz, VP and chief information officer
  • David Taylor, chief of staff, Office of the President
  • * Resource members

In order to fulfill its responsibilities, the Team:

  • Selected a university-wide reporting mechanism that tracked strategic goals, action steps, measures, frequency of measures and reporting, and responsible office(s)
  • Develop a strategy for coordinating the gathering of data
  • Reviewed and refined the current measures for improvement to track at the division/school levels
  • Developed trends and targets through data management and analysis
  • Regularly reported progress on the strategic measurements to senior management and incorporated the results into strategic plan progress reports for the community
  • Integrated other assessment into institutional assessment

This committee was involved in the drafting of the original strategic plan, and not all members are currently active in its implementation. 

  • William DeLone, Former professor, Information Technology, KSB, Chair
  • Nana An, executive director, Budget and Payroll
  • Alexis Bawden, executive director, Graduate Student Leadership Council
  • Seth Cutter, former president, Student Government
  • Angela Davis, professor, WCL
  • William DeLone, former professor, Information Technology, KSB (committee chair)
  • Teresa Flannery, vice president, Communication
  • Sarah Irvine Belson, executive director, Institution for Innovation in Education (committee vice chair)
  • Brian Keane, former president, AU Alumni Board; President, Smart Power
  • Haig Mardirosian, former dean, Academic Affairs
  • Gwendolyn Reece, associate librarian, University Library
  • Anthony Riley, professor, Department of Psychology, CAS
  • Rose Ann Robertson, associate dean, Student and Academic Affairs, SOC
  • Tiffany Speaks, director, Center for Diversity & Inclusion, OCL
  • Amir Tejani, former chair, Staff Council; former assistant director, Office of Special Events and Continuing Legal Education, Washington College of Law
  • Gary Weaver, former professor, SIS; Former Chair, Faculty Senate; former member, Board of Trustees