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Community Input Bringing the Entire AU Community into the Process

President Burwell meets with students to discuss the new strategic plan in development.

Since the start of the year, leaders from across the university have held a variety of formal and informal sessions to collect input from the community and share ideas for AU’s next strategic plan.

The Strategic Planning Committee is eager to hear your feedback on the draft plans that it has developed on nine strategic imperatives. You can review the plans and provide your feedback on the AU Strategic Planning 2018 Sharepoint (login required).

The Strategic Planning Committee also has organized several events and sessions this year, representing the variety of stakeholders who have served as an essential part of this process.


Faculty and staff are invited to a series of strategic planning consultation sessions with President Sylvia Burwell:  

Monday, October 22, 9:30 – 10:30 a.m., Don Myers Innovation and Technology Building Room 221

Tuesday, October 23, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m., SIS Abramson Family Founders Room

Wednesday, October 24, 11:00 a.m. - noon, SIS Room 120

Wednesday, October 24, 2:30 – 3:30 p.m., Butler Board Room


Strategic Planning Committee members consult with campus stakeholders for feedback on the strategy and implementation plan, using both in-person engagement and technology for remote engagement.


  • 1-7:  Subcommittee members consult with faculty, students, staff, schools, and alumni through in-person meetings and remote options. Their feedback is compiled, synthesized and shared with the Strategic Planning Committee, the President’s Cabinet and the President’s Council.
  • 17-18: President Burwell and other senior leaders consult with the Board of Trustees on the strategic imperatives.


  • 2:  President Burwell meets with the Board of Trustees Executive Committee on the proposed subcommittees and working groups.
  • 4:  President Burwell meets with the Faculty Senate to get feedback on the strategy process.
  • 13:  President Burwell meets with Parents Leadership Council and Alumni Board.
  • 16-30:  President Burwell solicits feedback on the strategy process in meetings with:
    • All schools and the library.
    • Staff Council Executive Committee.
    • Students.
    • Associate Vice Presidents and Directors in Campus Life, Finance, Facilities, UCM, OIT, Development and Alumni Relations, Human Resources Enrollment Services, AU Central, AUPD, and Auxiliary Services.
  • 30:  President Burwell meets with the Board of Trustees Executive Committee on the draft plans from the subcommittees and working groups.


  • Stakeholder feedback email address opens.
  • 7:  Strategic Planning Committee members meet with the Faculty Senate to get feedback on the strategic frame.
  • 19-26:  Strategic Planning Committee members meet with staff, students and their respective schools to collect feedback on the strategic frame, and share the progress made so far.


  • 22-23:  President Burwell meets with the Board of Trustees to discuss the context for the strategy, the strategy process, SWOT analysis and the draft mission, vision, and values statements.

Provide Feedback

A draft plan for each of the nine strategic imperatives is available for the AU community to review and comment via the 2018 Strategic Planning Sharepoint. Your AU login is required for access.

Access Sharepoint