East Campus

LEED Gold Certified

AU's First LEED Group Certification

East Campus, now home to four LEED-certified buildings, was previously a 900-space surface parking lot. Construction on these facilities began in 2014 and the project was completed and operational in 2017. Each East Campus building earned LEED Gold certification in early 2020. The campus includes three dormitories, an academic building, and abundant, accessible green space. 

East Campus is home to three residence halls that house approximately 590 students. The Don Myers Innovation and Technology Building includes high-tech laboratories, classrooms, and spaces that encourage imagination, creativility, and collaboration, including the Game Lab, Design and Build Lab, and the Incubator.

Learn more about East Campus LEED features in the case study.

  • Water efficient lavatory fixtures, water closets, and urinals result in 43% less water consumption than a standard building.
  • Over 20% of the building materials used contain recycled content, reducing the environmental impact of the construction process.
  • The building uses 27% less energy than a conventional building through the use of energy efficient HVAC equipment, LED lighting, and highly insulated walls, roof, and windows.
  • Over 20% of the building materials used were sourced regionally within a 500-mile radius of the project site.
  • Native and adaptive plant species around East Campus reduce the need for irrigation, since the plants can be sustained without supplemental watering.

  • East Campus features 13,000 square feet of vegetative green roofs, which reduce site runoff by 38%.

During construction of East Campus, 97 percent

of waste was diverted from landfill.