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Moving Forward Creating a New Sustainability Plan for a Carbon Neutral AU

American University reached carbon neutrality earlier this year, but our work is not done. We now have the opportunity to write a new plan and develop new goals for campus sustainability. We plan to integrates goals from Second Nature's Climate Commitment, the We Are Still In pledge and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, and others. But we also want input from our community. 

Our previous sustainability plan led us to carbon neutrality and it is now time for us to decide where to go next. Over the fall semester, we will offer a number of opportunities for each member of the community to share their thoughts through different channels. Please check back here or sign up for our newsletter to learn when town halls and information sessions will occur, or use the form below to share your thoughts on what AU should prioritize for sustainability as we think about the future. The plan will focus on action items for the next five years, but will keep future generations in mind.  

Thank you for your time and your contribution to making AU a sustainable university.

AU is now the first Carbon Neutral university in the US. Carbon Neutrality at AU=1,253,460 trees planted.