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Course Offerings

All Abroad at AU students are required to maintain full-time student status with a course load of 12 credit hours (typically four classes). Students may choose courses from within five of the university's schools:

Abroad at AU students directly enroll in courses and are integrated into the general campus population. For a complete list of AU courses see the online Schedule of Classes, and for more information visit the Registrar's website.

While Abroad at AU students can generally register for courses in the above schools, there are some limitations.

Course Restrictions

Though students may pick courses from five schools at American University, some courses require students to have already completed previous classes in the subject before they can enroll in the course. Like other American University students, Abroad at AU students must be able to provide proof of completing and meeting any prerequisites listed for a course when required.

Additionally, not all courses are open to Abroad at AU students. Restrictions to course enrollment are outlined below.

Abroad at AU students can only enroll in undergraduate level courses (100-500 level). Student cannot take graduate level courses (600 and above). There are no exceptions to this.

Abroad at AU students cannot take any courses that require admissions to a special program, such as Honors, University College, Mentorship or Washington Semester.

Abroad at AU students are not allowed to register for the following courses in SIS:

  • SISU-106: First Year Seminar
  • SISU-206: Intro to Int'l Studies Research
  • SISU-105: World Politics (in the Fall semester. Students can take this in the Spring)
  • SISU-140: Cross-cultural Communication (in the Spring semester. Students can take this in the Fall)
  • If interested in taking courses at the 300 level or above, students must provide an explanation of how they feel they've met the prerequisite. Course descriptions and syllabi are encouraged.

Abroad at AU students are not allowed to register for the following courses in Kogod:

  • KSB 100: Business 1.0 (in the Fall semester. Students can take this in the Spring semester)
  • KSB 255: Strategic Business Communication
  • KSB 356: Management Communication for Social Responsibility
  • Any 500 level accounting course
  • MGMT 458: Strategic Management
  • To take any 400 level Finance course students must have completed one semester each of statistics, micro and macro economics in addition to any stated prerequisites.
  • FIN 465: Derivative Securities
  • FIN 575: CFA Level I Intensive Review
  • FIN 500 level course: Student Management Investment Fund
  • MKTG 412: Advertising & Promotion Campaigns

SOC limits Abroad at AU student enrollment to the courses listed below. Not all classes are offered every semester; so, you should check the schedule of classes to confirm a course is being offered during the semester you are at AU. Please note you must still meet all prerequisites to register for any of the below classes. The School of Communications requirements for courses can be quite strict. Many classes require you have scored at least 100 on the IBT and that you are a third year student. This means you must have completed 4 semesters of college level course work, prior to registering for this course.


  • COMM 100 Understanding Media
  • COMM 105 Visual Literacy
  • COMM 200 Writing for Communication
  • COMM 401 Communication Law

Topics Courses

  • COMM 196/296/396/496/596

Public Communications Focus

  • COMM 209 Communication and Society
  • COMM 300 Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 310 Public Speaking
  • COMM 327 The PR Presidency
  • COMM 470 Organizational Communication
  • COMM 531 Political Communication
  • COMM 533 Ethical Persuasion
  • COMM 534 Race and Gender in Communication and the Media
  • COMM 536 Entertainment Communication
  • COMM 537 Sports Communication
  • COMM 539 International Public Relations
  • COMM 543 Speechwriting
  • COMM 551 Internet Advocacy
  • COMM 589 Sustainability Communication

Journalism Focus

  • COMM 270 How the News Media Shapes History
  • COMM 280 Contemporary Media in a Global Society
  • COMM 426 Sports Writing and Reporting
  • COMM 504 Journalism Ethics
  • COMM 505 History of Broadcast Journalism
  • COMM 510 Women in Journalism
  • COMM 546 Foreign Policy and the Press
  • COMM 548 Global Journalism: Issues and Trends in the 21 Century
  • COMM 599 Media, Technology and Society

Film and Media Arts Focus

  • COMM 511 History of Documentary
  • COMM 512 Social Documentary
  • COMM 516 Topics in Film and Media Arts
  • COMM 517 History of Cross Cultural Cinema
  • COMM 520 History of Animation
  • COMM 524 Producing Environmental and Wildlife Films
  • COMM 527 History of Photography
  • COMM 556 Cross Cultural Film and Video Production
  • COMM 557 Art of Visual Storytelling: From Concept to Storyboard
  • COMM 558 Survey of American Cinema
  • COMM 566 Practice of Environmentalism: Policy, Science, and Communication