Abroad at AU | Bill Payment

In order for you to plan your budget, please see the Living Costs section of our website for a list of possible expenses that you will incur while studying at American University. These expenses are your responsibility so please review them carefully

Please pay attention to the deadlines on your bill and all other deadlines given to you by the Abroad at AU Office. Missing a deadline may cause additional expenses. Your bill will be prepared through the Office of Student Accounts.

How can I see my bill?

You can check your bill online in myau.american.edu portal. Your bill can be viewed under the "Eagle Finance" link, which can be found under Finances and Student Account. The amount of money you owe and detailed report can be viewed by selecting the correct term balance.

When do I need to pay my bill?

The deadlines will be listed on your bill. You may receive a bill in the mail before your arrival at AU. If you find anything wrong with that bill, contact the Abroad at AU office.

Can I pay my bill by credit card?

No, the only thing that can be paid by credit card is your program deposit. All other bill payments must be paid by cash, wire transfer or check from a U.S. bank.

How can I pay my bill by wire transfer?

Yes, if you would like to pay by wire transfer please contact Abroad at AU directly for more information about how to do this.