Abroad at AU | Enrollment & Housing Application

To confirm your enrollment in the Abroad at AU program, and reserve your spot, you must return the Abroad at AU Enrollment and Housing Confirmation document attached to your admissions email with $500 by the deadline stated in the email. The $500 deposit is not an additional cost. The $500 will be applied to your student account and charges for the semester.

If you are eligible for university-managed housing and want a housing spot, you will need to inform us by marking the appropriate boxes on the form.

What if I want to live in university managed housing?

Students who are eligible and want to live in university-managed housing must return this Enrollment and Housing form no later than the due date in their acceptance email. Any student who return the forms after this date WILL NOT be assigned housing.

In an effort to house all those who are eligible and want to live in university managed housing, students are placed where space is available. University housing can consist of double or triple rooms, rooms on main campus, Tenley campus (less than 2 km away from main campus) or university-managed housing at off-campus locations. All university-managed housing follows the same rules and regulations and is smoke and alcohol free. If students choose to be placed in university-managed housing, they are agreeing to live in their assigned space and have read and agreed to the terms in the Housing License Agreement.

The average age of students living in campus housing is 18-21. We recommend students over the age of 21, or in their third and fourth year of university, consider the possibility of off-campus housing.

What if I do not want university managed housing?

You still need to sign the Enrollment and Housing Application form and send in your $500 deposit. The deposit will be credited to your student account for other AU-related expenses.

It is the student’s sole responsibility to find and obtain off-campus housing.

What happens if I do not send the form and if I do not pay the deposit?

You will not be enrolled in the Abroad at AU program if you do not sign the AU Enrollment Agreement and Housing Application. Also, you will not be able to register for classes if you do not pay the $500 deposit.

How do I pay the deposit?

By check:
Please mail your form and a $500 check to the Abroad at AU office.

American University 
AU Abroad-Abroad at AU Office 
4400 Massachusetts Ave, NW 
Rockwood Building 
Washington, DC 20016-8039

By credit card:
Please insert your credit card information on the form. Scan the form and either e-mail or fax it to the Abroad at AU office.

More information about finances can be found on our Bill Payment page.