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Adjudication Process

What is the academic integrity review process?

academic integrity review process

  1. The instructor reports an academic integrity concern to the Office of Academic Integrity  
  2. OAI examines the materials and, if there’s evidence of a suspected violation, the student receives a letter from our office, by email, that reports the concern. 
  3. The student is invited to talk with Academic Integrity Coordinator. During the meeting, the goal is for the student to offer their account, to be heard, and to understand the AIC process. 
  4. Students have 5 business days to decide whether they would like this case to go to panel or if it will go to our Assistant Director (Jacqueline Raynolds) for review.  
  5. If they choose to go to panel, the Office convenes a group of two professors and one student to examine the materials and make a recommendation. The student may appear before the panel to offer information and comments.  
  6. If they choose to go directly to the Assistant Director, (with the option to meet with her in the process) the Assistant Director will examine the materials and provide a recommendation. 
  7. The Assistant Dean receives a recommendation either from a panel or from the Assistant Director, reviews the cases, and makes a final decision. The student will receive a resolution letter reporting the outcome  
  8. If the sanction requires a change to the student’s transcript, the student may appeal to the Provost’s office within ten business days.

Faculty seeking to learn more about the adjudication process and about submitting a concern should consult the AIC Sharepoint page (AU credentials required for login)

What are the potential outcomes of AIC cases?

The Academic Integrity Code lists possible outcomes for violation as follows: 

  1. A failing grade for the course
  2. A failing grade for the course and a notation of the violation on the permanent record (transcript)
  3. Suspension for one or more academic terms and a notation on the permanent record (transcript)
  4. Dismissal from the University (for a specified term or permanently) and a notation on the permanent record (transcript)
  5. Other sanctions as appropriate (for example, a lower course grade)