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Film and TV producer Barry Josephson, SPA/BA '78.

How He Made It In Hollywood

Film and TV producer Barry Josephson, SPA/BA '78, discusses his path to success.

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Gaasch, Cynnie

CAS/MFA '99 Young Audiences Learn From the Experts

Gaida, Chris

SPA/BA ’97 Chris Gaida, SPA/BA ’97: Inside the Life of a Hollywood Escort

Galvin, Leah

CAS/MA '08 Public Sociology Alumna Utilizes Methods Training

Garcia, Alexandra

SOC/BA '05 Alum's Video Receives Emmy Nomination

Alumni Net Four Emmys

Garcia Wins Two Regional Emmys

Garcia, Terry

SIS/BA '75 Amid Pharaohs, Presidents: National Geographic VP ’75 Serves on Oil Spill Commission

Gavankar, Sonya

SOC/BA '99 The Face and Voice of the Newseum

Lights, Camera, Interaction

Gelber, Danielle

SIS/MA ’83 EMAA Alumni Spotlight: Danielle Gelber, SIS/MA ’83

Geller, Rebecca

SPA/BA '02 WCL/JD '07 Alumni Launch Political Action Committee

Gershon, Andy

Kogod/BSBA '86 Kogod Alumnus Shares Insights into Record Biz

Gettings, Christine

SIS/BA ’02, SIS/MA ’08 Inspiring AU Students to Become Global Leaders

Giddings, Lisa

CAS/PhD '00 Lisa Giddings (PhD '00)

Gierman, Andrea

Kogod/BSBA '09 Gierman ‘09 Returns to High School as AU Admissions Volunteer

Ginsberg, Mitchell

CAS/PhD '03 Mitchell Ginsburg (PhD '03)

Gitlitz, Jonah

Kogod/BS '55 Alumni Board Member Follows Instincts to Successful Career

Case Competition Puts Students at Helm of The Economist

Glazer, Jeffrey

SPA/BA '99 High Test Scores Yield Results at Alumni-Owned Griffon Prep

Goff, Shuwanza

SPA/MS '08 SPA Justice Grad Takes on the House Floor

Golaszewski, Richard

Kogod/BSBA '07 Young Alum Builds on Valuable Relationships

Gold, Alli

SPA/BA '10 Alumna’s Internships Lead to a Fellowship at the EPA

Goldberg, Barbara

CAS/MFA '85 Need Something to Read?

Poet-Alum Shares Writing Secrets

Goldenberg, Jack

SPA/BA '69 Jack Goldenberg, SPA/BA ’69 - American magazine class notable

Jack Goldenberg, SPA/BA ’69

Phi Ep Brothers Host 100+ at 40-Year Reunion

Goldfarb, Jon

SOC/MA '90 Jon Goldfarb, SOC/MA '90

Goldstein, Rachel

SIS/BA '06 South Florida Chapter Leader ’06 Draws Inspiration from Global Network

Goldthwait, Christopher

SIS/BA '71 SIS Grads Who Became Ambassadors Share Insights

Gonzales, Laura

SOC/BA '99 Late Night Ping-Pong Leads to Love in Anderson Lounge

Gopp, Amy

SIS/BA '94 Global Activist ’94 Exemplifies Service

Gordon, Ellie

CAS/BA '68 Reinventing the Sock Market

Granjean, Michelle

SIS/MA '07 Learning Around the World

Grauman, Greg

SOC/BA '99 AU Welcomes Strongest Academic Class in History

Propelled by School Spirit, Alumnus Recruits Next Generation

Gray, Adam

CAS/MA '02 TESOL Grad Accepts Book Award from Duke of Edinburgh

Green, Holly G.

SPA/MSOD '98 Fast and Focused, Leadership Expert Green Motivates Best in Business

Green, Terrance

SOC/BA '98 Recent SOC Grads Offer Advice in Panel Discussion

Greenberg, Adam

Kogod/BSBA '93 Alumnus Channels Entrepreneurial Spirit into Successful Pizza Chain

Greenberg, Steve

SIS/BA '82 Record Executive Traces Evolution of Music Industry in Digital Age

Gregory, David

SIS/BA '92 Alums Trade Memories on Jeff Jones Show

Gregory Named Moderator of Meet the Press

David Gregory, talks Meet the Press, time at AU

Griffin, Chip

SPA/BA '94 Alumni Board VP Chip Griffin Succeeds in Business and Helping AU

Eight new members selected to join Alumni Board

From Classmate to Mate, Romance Blossoms at AU

SPA Alum Griffin Helps New England Students

Griffin, Jen

SPA/BA '94 From Classmate to Mate, Romance Blossoms at AU

Griffith, Genna

CAS/BA '01 Genna Griffith Works Tirelessly for Wounded Veterans

Gritzmacher, Doug

SOC/MFA '05 Alumni Net Four Emmys

Gross, Barbara

CAS/BA '72 From Classmate to Mate, Romance Blossoms at AU

Grossman, Jerry

SOC/MA '68 Lights, Camera, Interaction

Gundersen, Eric

SIS/BA '02, SIS/MA '03 SIS Alumnus Receives Grant from Knight News

Gunewardena, Dileni

CAS/PhD '03 Dileni Gunewardena (PhD '03)

Gunter, Bernard

CAS/PhD '03 Bernard Gunter (PhD '03)

Gupta, Ashok

CAS/MA '82 Ashok Gupta Works Toward Clean Energy Policies

Gyekye, Akua

SPA/BA '04 Justice for All

Hagan, Kevin

SIS/MA '97 SIS Graduate Named President and CEO of Feed the Children

Hagood, Laura

CAS/MA '04 Alumna Awarded Bosch Fellowship

Haken, Nate

SIS/MA '06 A Capital Presence

Hall, Jessica

SOC/BA '00 Lights, Camera, Interaction

Hamissou, Samari

SIS/BA '09 SIS Alumnus's Path Making Big Changes

Hand, Natalie

SIS/BA '04 Dreaming Big and Branching Out

Hansan, Ryan

Kogod/BSBA '08 Ryan Hansan delivers with Scratch DC

Happy, Keisha Bolaji

CAS/MAT '07 Eight new members selected to join Alumni Board

Haravi, Mehdi

SIS/PhD '67 Profile: Dr. Mehdi Haravi, SIS/PhD '67

Harp, Andy

SPA/BA '73 Thriller novelist spearheads the first ever USO tour of authors

Harrison, K. David

SIS/BA '88 Linguist: Much Knowledge Is Encoded in Dying Languages

Harrison, Patricia

CAS/BA '68 Patricia Harrison, CAS/BA '68

Harsanyi, Fruzsina

SIS/BA '64, SIS/MA '67, SIS/PhD '72 Triple Alumna Honored for Outstanding Service at SIS Award Ceremony

Haslett, Michael

SIS/BA '05 To Achieve Educational Equality in India, Alumnus Transforms Life

Hass, Mark

SOC/MA '81 SPA Alumni Sweep Seats in Elections Nationwide

Hawkins, Ron

SIS/BA '95, SIS/MA '97 SIS Alumnus Takes Expertise Around the World With State Department

Hazangeles, Monica Jeffries

CAS/MA '96 Arts Management Alumna Named Strathmore President

Heffley, Kate

SOC/MA '07 Journalism Alumnae Discuss Reinvention Amidst Ever-Changing Industry

Heitner, Michael

Kogod/BS '81 Downward Economy Opens Doors for Three Entrepreneurial Alums

Hemlock, Kathryn

Kogod/BSBA '04, WCL/JD '07 Alumna Tackles New Position in Football Championship

Henry, Tameisha

Kogod/BSBA '08 A Business Student Without Borders

Herring, Margaret

CAS/BGS '87, CAS/MA '89 Alumna and Civil Rights Activist Recounts Life Work

Herron, Margo

SPA/BA '85, Kogod/MBA '03 Energetic Alumni Board Member Fueled by AU Experience

Herter, Caroline

SOC/MA '07 SOC Alumna Joins Kaiser Family Foundation, Films PSA

Hildebrand, Carl

SIS/MA '02 AU Alumnus Keeps it Green

Hill, Beth

CAS/MA '95 History Alumna Becomes Director of Fort Ticonderoga

Hinson, Laura Waters

SOC/MFA '07 Alum's Film Helps Rwandans Heal

SOC Alumni Win Back-to-Back Oscars

Hobbs, Sunny

SIS/BA '92 AU Alumna Sunny Hobbs Poised to Make Speedy Comeback

Hockensmith, Laura

Kogod/BSBA '06 Taking the World by Storm: Two Alumnae Inspired to Travel

Hocker, Richard

Kogod/BS '68, Kogod/MBA '70 Alumnus Support Helps Business Students Succeed

Meet AU's Brightest Stars - the 2010 Alumni Award Winners

Venerable Financier Honored for Dedication to Students

Hoffman, Kate

SOC/BA '04 Alumna Builds Successful Career in D.C. Entertainment Scene

Horberg, Karl

SPA/BA '04 Get Your Hands Dirty for a Good Cause

Howard, Clark

SPA/BA '76 America's Most Succesful Cheapskate!

Talk Show Host Clark Howard ’76 Hammers Home Money Message, Nails Success

Huelskamp, Tim

SPA/PhD '95 Meet the Alumni Who Won their Recent Election Bids

Service-Minded Alumni Seek Offices Large and Small this Fall

Hughes, Eric

SPA/MPA '77 Need Something New to Read?

Hunt, Greg

SPA/MS '75 SPA Alumni/Faculty Help Students Help DC Offenders

Hyde, Michael

SOC/MA '10 Hawkaholics Debut in SOC-CAS Collaborative Film

Hykes Leka, Claire

SOC/BA '91, SOC/MA '94 A Profile in Compatibility

Jacobs, Chris

SPA/BA '01 Alumnus Wins Big on Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Jacobs, Lenny

SPA/BA '72 From Classmate to Mate, Romance Blossoms at AU

Jacobson, Tom

SIS/BA '87 For Alum, Career Began at AU

Jackson, Demethius

SOC/BA '03 A Rediscovered Passion Leads to Accolades for Writer

Jackson, Tara

CAS/BA ’06 Literature Major Takes Unlikely Career Path

James, Kellee

Kogod/MBA '04, SIS/MA '04 Kellee James ’04 Appointed a White House Fellow

Jamu, Lisa

SIS/MA '04 Hope Springs Eternal

Janjigian, Janet

SOC/MA '73 Journalism Alumnae Discuss Reinvention Amidst Ever-Changing Industry

Jayaswal, Leena

SOC/BA '94, CAS/BA '94 Two SOC Professors Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Their Graduation

Jeffries Hazangeles, Monica

CAS/MA '96 Alumna Named Strathmore President

Jenner, Robert

SIS/BS '74 Alumni Book Club Features Political Historian

Inaugural Alumni Book Club Series to Kick Off September 1

Robert Jenner Latest Guest at Alumni Author Talk Series

Jernigan, Nick

SOC/BA '04 Jernigan's Past Pieces Paint Positive Future

Johnson, Erika

SOC/BA '10 Alumna Recalls Admissions Process, Early Decision, and Legacy Connections

Johnson, Rob

SPA/BA '81 Alumni Board Member Brings AU Spirit to Texas

Johnson, Sylvia

SOC/MA '06 MFA Student Develops Self-Sustaining Non-Profit Organization

Jones, Amy

SPA/BA '99, WCL/JD '03 Board Member Amy Jones Realized Her Dream of Working on the Hill

Jorgensen, Helene

CAS/MA '94, CAS/PhD '96 The Business of Health Care

Josephson, Barry

SPA/BA '78 Alum's Hit Series Marks 100th Episode

Barry Josephson Makes Hits

How He Made It in Hollywood

Josephson's Latest Hits Theaters This Weekend

Judd, Jackie

SOC-CAS/BA '74 Journalism Alumnae Discuss Reinvention Amidst Ever-Changing Industry

On the Air: Jackie Judd Brings the News

Kalna, Chris

Kogod/BSBA ’08 Kogod leads to Carlyle Group

Kander, Jason

SPA/BA '02 SPA Alumni Sweep Seats in Elections Nationwide

Kasten, Bailey

SPA/BA '05 Sugar High

Alumni Board Seeks New Members for 2011-2013

Kato, Satomi

SOC/MFA '06 Satomi Kato: Visual Storyteller

Katz, Ari

SIS/BA '11 Ari Katz SIS '11

Katz, Doug

CAS/MA '92 Alumni, Best Friends, Co-authors, and Business Partners

Kaufman, Pamela

SOC/BA '85 Pam Kaufman Markets Family-Friendly Nickelodeon Brand

Alumni Spotlight: Pam Kaufman, SOC/BA ’85

Keane, Brian

SPA/BA '89 Green Leader Puts Energy into Cleaner World One Community at a Time

Kempner, Michael

SPA/BS '81 Michael Kempner

Kennedy, John F.

SPA/MS '96 SPA Alumnus Shares Brain Injury Expertise With Others

Kerns, Kenton

CAS/BS '07 National Zookeeper Got Start with Volunteer Opportunity

Kerwin, Neil

SPA/BA '71 From Classmate to Mate, Romance Blossoms at AU

Kerwin, Ann

CAS/BA '71 From Classmate to Mate, Romance Blossoms at AU

Khan, Wasiq

CAS/PhD '03 Wasiq Khan (PhD '03)

Kidd, Brooke

SIS/BA '91, CAS/MA '98 Providing Access to the Arts

Kiely, Kathy

SOC/MA '08 National Journal’s Kiely ’08, Thrives on Buzz of People, Politics, and Journalism

Killelea, Grace

Kogod/MS '00 Grace Killelea, Kogod/MS ’00

Kinard, Chris

SOC/BA '01 From Intern to Program Director: Kinard ’01 Leads Rewarding Career in Radio

King, Ben

SPA/BA '03, CAS/MA '10 AU Alumnus Teaches War Veterans to 'Armor Down'

Kinlow, Tonya Vidal

SPA/MPA '05 Alumna Appointed D.C.’s First Education Ombudsman

Kinman, Max

SIS/BA '06 Service-Minded Alumni Seek Offices Large and Small this Fall

Klapper, Ethan

SOC/BA '11, SPA/BS '11 Alumnus Hired as Social Media Politics Editor for the Huffington Post

Klasnja, Marko

SIS/MA '07 AU Alumnus Rolls Up His Sleeves

Klayman, Doug

SPA/BA '87, CAS/PhD '98 Alum Spearheads Public Sociology at AU

Klein, Megan

SIS/BA '00 Past AU Parents Support Future AU Students

Klein, Tony

SPA/BA '69 SPA Alumni Sweep Seats in Elections Nationwide

Klima, Mary

Kogod/BS '98 Hall of Famers, Senior Wilson to be Honored at Hoops Game

Klima and Kurcova to be Inducted into 2010 Athletics Hall of Fame

Kocay, John

SIS/BA '79 Downward Economy Opens Doors for Three Entrepreneurial Alums

Koons, Adam

CAS/PhD '87 Adam Koons ’87 Leads Disaster Relief in Haiti

Kooros, Teymour

SIS/BA '86 Banking On It

Koutsandreas, John

CAS/BS '50 Koutsandreas ’50: Military Man, Scientist, and Proud Alumnus

Kraus, Margery

SPA/BA '67, SPA/MPA '71 APCO Honors Margery Kraus with Scholarship

President of APCO Worldwide Gives $100,000 gift for SPA Scholarship

Alumna and Trustee Margery Kraus honored by Association of Former Members of Congress

Kuhnle, Edith

CAS/MFA '79 Alumna Shares Painting Journey

Kumar, Pallavi

SPA/BA '94 Recent SOC Grads Offer Advice in Panel Discussion

Two SOC Professors Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Their Graduation

Kurcova, Vendula

Kogod/BSBA '99 Hall of Famers, Senior Wilson to be Honored at Hoops Game

Klima and Kurcova to be Inducted into 2010 Athletics Hall of Fame

Kushner, Michael

Kogod/BSBA '92, Kogod/MS '95 Alumnus, Retired Professor to be Honored at 10th Dean's Dinner

L'Heureux, Suzanne

CAS/MA '99 Alumna Opens New Art Gallery

Laks, Mark

CAS/BA '76 Alumni Couple Makes AU a Family Tradition

Laks, Terri

CAS/BS '81 Alumni Couple Makes AU a Family Tradition

Lanier, Jr., Jesse

Kogod/BSBA '94 Cochair of 15 Year Reunion Invites Classmates to Share Their Stories

Lankford, Adam

SPA/MS '07, SPA/PhD '08 Alumnus Examines Systematic Indoctrination in New Book

Lankford, Dave

CAS/BS/BSBA '99 Alumnus Utilizes Digital Marketing to Support Dr. Oz Brand

Lay, Travis

Kogod/BSBA '08 Travis Lay: From AU Basketball Star to Alumni Board Member

Leeds, Steve

CAS/BA '72 SIRIUSXM Executive Gives Back as Mentor to Current Students

Leggett, Chris

SOC/BA '08 Alumnus Sees Success at SXSW Film Festival

Leifman, Steven

SPA/BS ’81 Steven Leifman Receives Prestigious Rehnquist Judicial Honors for protecting vulnerable populations

Leka, Donald

SIS/BA '86, Kogod/MBA '97 A Profile in Compatibility

Lemere, Maggie

SIS/BA '05, SIS/MA '06 AU Alum Pens Book Shining Light on Human Rights Violations in Burma

Leon, Francisco

SIS/MA '87 Inspired by SIS, Alum Seeks to Create Better Society in Mexico

Leon Davis, Daniel

SIS/BA '13 From Undocumented to Unstoppable

Levick, Richard

WCL/JD '87 Master Mind

Levin, Brian

SOC/MA '04 AU Alumnus Prepares to Release Film in 2014

Levinson, Barry

SOC/ND '67 15 Emmy Nominations for Levinson, '67

Levinson Says AU Opened Door to His Career

Levitin, Rachel

SOC/BA '09 TBD, School of Communication Begin Partnership Featuring Workshops and Internships Taps SOC Alumni Talent

Lewis, Janell

SOC/MA '06 Non-stop News and A Heart for Helping

Lewis, Talila

SPA/BA '07 Talila Lewis '07 work tirelessly to help solve the world's injustices

Lewis, Tom

SPA/BA '75 Once An Eagle, Always An Eagle: Alumni Award Winners and Miss D.C. Return to Campus

Veteran Cop Turned Fishing School Founder Nets 2009 Alumni Recognition Award

Liebenow, Susan

CAS/MS '83 Trading Maps for Sneakers: Sporty Alumna Wins Honors

Lieberson, David

SOC/BA '10 Recent SOC Grads Offer Advice in Panel Discussion

Lijek, Mark

KOGOD/MBA '76 Real-Life Experiences of AU Alumnus Hits the Big Screen in Blockbuster Hit Argo

Lilly, Megan

SOC/BA '11 Alumna's Career Began at the AU Job and Internship Fair

Lincoln, Rachel

Kogod/BS '11 Beyond a Desk Job: Turning a Creative Outlet Into a Career

Lipman, Lois

SOC/MFA '10 Lipman, MFA '10, Honored for Documentary on Aspergers

Logan, Nicole

CAS/MA '87 Need Something New to Read?

Loken, Alexa

SIS/BA '10 Alumna Creates Cause-Based Marketing Firm to Promote Do-Gooders

Long, Kyle

KOGOD/BSBA '07 Alumni Offer an Unconventional Introduction to Shanghai

Lothian, Dan

SOC/MA '88 What Is Obama Like? White House Reporters Share Views

Louey, Jonathan

Kogod/BSBA '10 Alumnus Finds Career Fit in New Finance Entertainment Division

Lower, Wendy

Alumna Nominated for National Book Award

Lowinger, Shira

SIS/MA '05 A Capital Presence

Lucas, Aaron

SPA/BS '75 SPA Alumni/Faculty Help Students Help DC Offenders

Lunderville, Neale

SPA/BA '96 Alumni Award Winner Dedicated to Improving his Home State of Vermont

Lyon, Annie

CAS/MA '03 You’ve Got to Read This: Alumni Librarians Share Their Favorite Books