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Ed Walker

Ed Walker Inducted into National Radio Hall of Fame

Ed Walker, SOC/BA ’54, is a Washington radio legend and host of WAMU 88.5's The Big Broadcast.

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Photo Courtesy of Donald Pointer

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Saary, Alexandra

Kogod/BSBA '04Kogod Alum to Launch New Alumni Chapter in Germany        

Sadick, Jess

SPA/BA '94SPA Alum a Networking Catalyst        

Saler, Gale

CAS/BA '72Gale Saler: Providing a Community Where Teens Can Succeed        

Samuels, Matt

CAS/BA '10After a Winding Road, Matt Samuels Finds His Passion in Art  

Meet the Alumni Who Won their Recent Election Bids        

Sanchez, Loretta

Kogod/MBA '84

Service-Minded Alumni Seek Offices Large and Small this Fall


SPA Alumni Sweep Seats in Elections Nationwide


Alumni in the Know Features Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

Sanchez, Roger

SIS/BA '17Freshman Role Model Recognized by First Lady        

Sanford, Paul

SOC/BA '98Sanford '98 Cultivates Microsoft Software and Seattle Alumni Chapter        

Satenstein, Paul

Kogod/BSBA '83Exec Shares Business Expertise with Nonprofit Organizations        

Savarit-Cosenza, Julie-Anne

SIS/BA '08Alumna Watches Organization Grow Into More Than Just a School        

Giving Unto Others

Sbih, Malek

Kogod/MBA '05Alumnus Directs Effort to Fight Disease in Haiti        

Schaefer, George

SPA/BA '72Renewable Energy Visionary Provides Scholarship Support to School of Public Affairs        

Schaefer, Lois

Kogod/BS '72Renewable Energy Visionary Provides Scholarship Support to School of Public Affairs        

Schmidle, Nicholas

SIS/MA '05From Newsman to Newsmaker        
 SIS Grad Reports from Around the Globe        

Schneider, Corey

Kogod/BSBA '11AU Grad Unlocks Hidden Treasures in the Big Apple        

Schneier, Bruce

CAS/MS '88Security Guru Bruce Schneier '88 Demystifies Technology        

Schnier, Elliot M.

Kogod/BA '71Two Alumni Honored at 11th Annual Dean's Dinner        

Schulze, Dutch

CAS/BS '41, CAS/MS '61Remembering Dutch        

Scrivner, David

CAS/MA '08A Storied Success        

Scruggs, Jan

CAS/BA '75, CAS/MA '76The Wall that Heals        

Seaman, Mark

SPA/BA '06Eagle Endowment Celebrates Legacy of Service        

Seaquist, Carla

SIS/BA '67SIS Alumna Writes to Showcase Modern Challenges in U.S. Identity        

Seawell, Mary

SOC/BA '91Seawell '91 Lands Seat on Denver Board of Education        

Sebert, Lagan

SOC/MA '08Sebert '08 Lands Job at Financial Times        

Seibert, Margo

SIS/BA '05AU Alumna Margo Seibert's Broadway Debut        

Seidel, Timothy

SIS/MA '03Spreading the Word of Good        

Siegel, Michael

SPA/BA '72Michael Siegel, SPA/BA '72, Has New Book Analyzing Presidential Leadership        

Shaabdullaeva, Zukhra

SIS/MA '07Feeling at Home, Away From Home        

Shales, Tom

SOC/BA '67        
Tom Shales, SOC/BA '67        

The TV Guide: Tom Shales Opines with Wit and Humor

Sharma, Neal

SPA/BA '98        
Entreprenuer Receives First Rising Star Award for Young Alumni        

Sherjan, Hassina

Hassina Sherjan Returns to AU for Tea Talk about Educating Afghanistan's Girls        

Shorts, Dan

SPA/BA '11 The Candyman Can: A Young Alum’s Sweet Job

Shuster, Bill

Kogod/MBA '87Meet the Alumni Who Won their Recent Election Bids        

Service-Minded Alumni Seek Offices Large and Small this Fall


SPA Alumni Sweep Seats in Elections Nationwide

Silberberg, Allison

SIS/BA '84Making a Difference, One AU Alumnae at a Time        
SIS Alumna Elected Mayor of Alexandria        

Siler, Nick

SPA/BA '01        
Nick Siler, SPA/BA '01        

Silva, Tony

SIS/MA '94Be Curious and Stay Connected: Lessons from Tony Silva, SIS/MA '94        

Simmons, Sarah

SPA/BA '95, SPA/MA '97A Capital Presence        

Simon, Theodore "Ted"

Kogod/BS '71Legal Eagle Utilizes AU Education to Establish Domestic and International Niche        

Simpson, Mariam

SOC/MA '07SOC Alumna Shares Haiti Experience        

Sipkin, Chad

SOC/BA '83AU Students to Explore Careers in New York this January        

Skoric, Vladimir

SPA/BA '08A Capital Presence        

Smith, David

SPA/BA '82A Capital Presence        

Smith, Judy

WCL/JD '86Alumna Visits WCL to Show New TV Series, "Scandal," Inspired by Her Career        
The No-Joke Olivia Pope

Smith, Michael

CAS/BA '79        
Florida Mayors Greet Alumni, President Kerwin        

Smith, Molly

CAS/MA '76Growth in Stages        

Smith, Wilson

CAS/BS '05Alum Physicist Looks on the Bright Side of Green Energy        

Smock, Brett        

CAS/BS '92Brett Smock, CAS/BA '92: From Dancer to Producing Artistic Director        

Sohn, Eric

SIS/BA '10Recent Alumnus Shares Tips for Landing a Job Before Graduation        

Sommer, Gerry        

CAS/BA '67Couple Returns to Campus to Celebrate 50 Years Together        

Soriano, Philip

Kogod/BSBA '08Alumni Size Up Entrepreneurship in Fashion Industry        

Spaulding, Ian

SPA/BA '94Ian Spaulding '94 works to improve conditions in Chinese factories        

Specht, Mary

SOC/BA '07Profile: Mary Specht        

Spencer, Mark

WCL/JD '84Service-Minded Alumni Seek Offices Large and Small this Fall        

Spurlock, Kim

SOC/MA '97Third Student Academy Award in Three Years for SOC        

Stanbridge, Laura A.

SIS/BA '84Eight new members selected to join Alumni Board        

The FACTS of the Matter


Steinberg, Danny

Kogod/BSBA '10Steinberg Twins Are Two of a Kind        

Stevens, Ann

CAS/BA '67, SOC/MA '70Alumna Ann Stevens, CAS/BA '67, SOC/MA '70, Co-Authors Diplomatic Gardens Book        

Stevens, Haley

SPA/BA '05, CAS/MA '07Driving Force        

Stolls, Amy

SOC/MFA '00College Alumna Appointed NEA Director of Literature        

Storelli, Elizangela

CAS/MA '09Alumna Storelli Advances in Sociology and Aging Project        

Strauss, Paul

SPA/BA '87, WCL/JD '93Service-Minded Alumni Seek Offices Large and Small this Fall        

SPA Alumni Sweep Seats in Elections Nationwide


Strickland, Tate

CAS/BA '10National Gallery Intern Ponders His Experience        

Stringer, Jasmine          

Kogod/BSBA '01Jasmine Stringer Wants You to Seize Your Life        

Strohl, Jeff

CAS/PhD '02Jeff Strohl (PhD '02)        

Stupca, Marissa

CAS/MA '07Alum Builds Better Bandwith        

Sullivan, Patrick

CAS/BS '08Peace Corps Turns 50 - and AU Alum Looks Back on Service        

Summerford, Ben

CAS/BA '48, CAS/MA '56AU Alumni Exhibit Is Artists' Take on School Spirit        

Sutch, Brendan

Kogod/BSBA '99Alumni Couples Share Their Stories in Time for Valentine's        

Sutch, Kelly

Kogod/BSBA '99Alumni Couples Share Their Stories in Time for Valentine's        

Sylvia, Mark

SPA/BA '96, SPA/MPA '98Green Czar: Mark Sylvia Leads Massachusetts' Environmental Future        

Mark Sylvia Attributes Success to American University


Taft, Patricia

SIS/MA '03A Capital Presence      

Tallmadge, Katherine

SOC/BA '94, SPA/BS '94Katherine Tallmadge Has the Recipe for Success      

Tapscott, Ed

WCL/JD '80When Eagles beat the mighty Hoyas      

Tatevosyan, Sam

 Washington Semester Program Experience Leads to Exceptional Career      

Taylor, Clyde

SIS/MA '61"A Skillful Advocate": Former Ambassador Named Alumnus of the Year                   

Former Ambassador Credits Career to SIS


SIS Grads Who Became Ambassadors Share Insights

Taylor, Erin

SPA/BA '03It's Not All About the Cookies: Alumna's Career at Girl Scouts      

Taylor, Kyle

SIS/BA '06Kyle Taylor '06 Attempting to Swim the English Channel      

Taylor, Tony

CAS/BA '09Passion Makes the Difference for AU Alum      

Tannenbaum, Lee

CAS/BA '80Alumnus Uses Family Business Experience to Assist Others      

Tenor, Randall

SPA/BA '68You've Got to Read This: Alumni Librarians Share Their Favorite Books      

Teske, Johanna

CAS/BS '08Less Shine on the Crazy Diamond      

Thomas, Jorhena       

SIS/MA '04From AU to Homeland Security     

Thomason, Betsy

CAS/BA '66 Alumna Betsy Thomason Says, “Just Breathe Out”

Thompson, Marshall        

CAS/BA '03"Braven" The Odds      

Tillou, Susan

SIS/MA '95SIS Alumna Sees World Through Her Own Lens      

Tisei, Richard

SPA/BA '84SPA Alumni Sweep Seats in Elections Nationwide      

Tomasek, Toni        

CAS/MA '02Life, Interrupted      

Tranfaglia, John

SPA/BA '13Providing Solutions to Preserve the Maine Lobster Industry      

Tullman, Jennifer

SIS/BA '04Alumna celebrated 30th birthday by raising ten thousand dollars for charity      

Underwood, Kristin          

SIS/BA '02Organic Clothing Entrepreneur Walks/Wears - and Sells - the Talk        

Uckert, Merri          

SIS/BA '77SIS Alumna Defeats Hiring Trends and Defines Service

Vacanti, Anthony

CAS/BS '72, SPA/BA '02      


Booeymonger Owner Leads by Example   


van der Vorm, Tobie

CAS/MED '81, CAS/PhD '95Career Expert Learned Work Ethic from the Ground Up, Literally      

Varela, Keosha        

SOC/BA '07, SOC/MA '08Keosha Varela: Journey through Digital Space      

Vavonese, Stephanie

SPA/BA '06Taking the World by Storm: Two Alumnae Inspired to Travel      

Velkes, Matthew

SIS/BA '84Matthew Velkes, SIS/BA '84      

Veloric, Gary

Kogod/BSBA '82Annual Kogod Dean's Dinner Honors Commitment to School      

Venichand, Thelma

Kogod/BSBA '89Entrepreneur Brings Progress to Africa with Clean-Cook Stoves      

Venuto, Mike

SPA/BA '67, SOC/MA '73Vietnam Veteran Turns to Art, Activism      

Vidulich, Joe

SPA/BA '08Four New Members Selected for AU Alumni Board      

Alumni Board Member Joe Vidulich is Always an Eagle

Meet New Alumni Association President Joe Vidulich

Vieira, David

SPA/BA '97Meet the Alumni Who Won their Recent Election Bids      

Viener, Hilarie

SPA/BA '92Downward Economy Opens Doors for Three Entrepreneurial Alums      

Vyas, Shefali

SOC/MA '10Public Comm Grad Lands Job at Ogilvy      

Vogel, Danielle

WCL/JD '07 Two Alumnae Mix Business with Conscience

Vogel, Ron

CAS/BS '72Booeymonger Owner Leads by Example      

Wagner, Holger

SIS/MA '02Helping to make a difference in the fragile Horn of Africa       

Wahab, Bilal

SIS/MA '07Building a Better Iraq       

Walens, Lauren

SOC/BA '10Recent SOC Grads Offer Advice in Panel Discussion       

Walker, Ed

SOC/BA '54WAMU 88.5 Legend Ed Walker Inducted into National Radio Hall of Fame       

Wall, Tighe

Kogod/MBA '11Social Innovation with a Global Focus       

Wallace, Kori Hill

SPA/BA '06 “Ketching” Up with AU Alumna

Walsh, Kenneth

SOC/MA '70What Is Obama Like? White House Reporters Share Views       

Walsh, Sarah Meyer

SPA/BA '05Alumnae Turn Old Letterpress into Creative New Business       

Walter-Steinberg, Sandra

Kogod/BSBA '86Alumna Generates Return on Investment - for Herself and Others              

Convocation Kicks Off New Year with AU Traditions

Washington, Kermit

CAS/BA '73Fasting for the Greater Good              

Former NBA Star Aims to Net Big for African Hunger Relief

Washington Enlists AU's Help to Fight Hunger

Wasserman, Craig

CAS/PHD '75Alumni, Best Friends, Co-authors, and Business Partners       

Watson, Rayneisha

Kogod/MBA '08From Cancer Research Scientist to Healthcare Consultant       

                Weatherford, Carole Boston

Kogod/BA '77Inspired by Lady Day, Carole Boston Weatherford, KSB/BA '77, Writes Jazzy Poetry and Prose       

Webster, Lindsay

SOC/BA '032009 Rising Star Award Winner Produces Career in Hollywood              

Alum's Star Is on the Rise


Once An Eagle, Always An Eagle: Alumni Award Winners and Miss D.C. Return to Campus

Weickert, Steve

SPA/BA '78 , SPA/MPA '81Steve Wieckert, SPA/BA '78, SPA/MPA '81: Alumnus is Organ Donation Trend Setter       

Weiner Cohen, Rachel

SPA/BA '04, WCL/JD '08Alumna Invites Classmates to Share Stories at Five-Year Reunion             
Accomplished Alumna: Rachel Weiner Cohen

Weiss, Amy

SOC/BA '87Communications Expert Amy Weiss, SOC/BA '87, Gives Back on the AU Alumni Board       

Wetzler, Jennryn

SIS/BA '08Thailand Service Changes Student's Views       

Wexler, Robin

Kogod/BS '68Phi Ep Brothers Host 100+ at 40-Year Reunion       

Wheeler, Douglas

CAS/BA '62, CAS/MA '64Arts Alum Combines Culture and Community       

Whiting, Valerie

CAS/MA '09The Alum Connection       

Whyman, Paula        

CAS/MFA '00Linked by Stories      

Wilcox, Brad

CAS/BA '02Sustainable Livelihoods Flourish with Alumnus's NGO       

Williams, Dana         

SIS/BA '86SIS Alumna Helps to Raise Funds for Small Nonprofits in NYC       

Williams, Josh

SOC/MA '07Josh Williams       

Williams, Kimberly

SOC/BA '00Alum's Research Has a Good Beat              

Eagle Endowment Celebrates Legacy of Service

Williams, Russell

SOC/BA '74Insights to Oscar Night with Professor Russell Williams              

Russell Williams Returns to Oscarland

Williamson, Brook

SOC/BA '96San Diego chapter leaders have much in common       

Willie, George S.

Kogod/BS '71, Kogod/MBA '74Two Alumni Honored at 11th Annual Dean's Dinner       

Wilson, Adam

SPA/BA '81Need Something New to Read?       

Wilson, Ward

CAS/BA '80No Winning Weapons       

Winsor, Curtin

SIS/MA '64, SIS/PhD '71SIS Grads Who Became Ambassadors Share Insights       

Winter, Steve

SOC/BA '77Class Chats with Big-League PR Professionals       

Witryol, Amy Hope

CAS/BA '79Service-Minded Alumni Seek Offices Large and Small this Fall       

Wodon, Quentin

CAS/PhD '02Quentin Wodon (PhD '02)       

Wolpoff, Sharon

CAS/BA '74, CAS/MFA '81AU Alumni Exhibit Is Artists' Take on School Spirit       

Worley, Michael

SPA/BA '12An Eviction Notice Sparks an Award-Winning Career       

Wrigley, Drew

WCL/JD '91Meet the Alumni Who Won their Recent Election Bids       

Yale, Alex

Kogod/BSBA '09 Business School is a Marathon - and a Sprint

Yates, Gary

SPA/BA '67 California Wellness Leader Helps At-Risk Teens

Yi, Hyong

SPA/BA ’94, SPA/MPA ’95 Hyong Yi, Passionate Public Servant and Love Advocate

Yoshida, Akinori

Kogod/MBA '00, SIS/MA '00 AU Alumnus Beefs Up His Skills

Yunis, Alia

SOC/MA '91 Abu Dhabi-Based Alumna’s New Novel Boasts Global Appeal

Zangara, Nicole          

CAS/BA'06Nicole Zangara, CAS/BA '06, Has New Book Analyzing Female Friendships        

Zelen, Marvin          

CAS/PhD '57Thank God for Marvin Zelen        

Zimmerman, Chris

SPA/BS '81 Service-Minded Alumni Seek Offices Large and Small this Fall

Zannetos, Alexa Pappas          

SPA/BA '90For Alexa Pappas Zannetos, Not Landing Her Dream Job Led to a Dream Career        

Zirinsky, Susan          

SOC/BA '74Profile: Susan Zirinsky        

SOC Alum Speaking at Commencement        

Zizzi, Colin          

Kogod/BSBA '10Alumnus Plays Soccer, Leads Abroad Course in Spain