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Greetings from Joe Vidulich, SPA/BA '08 President of the Alumni Association

Joe Vidulich portrait in Mary Graydon Center

Dear fellow alumni,
Summer is indeed upon us. The campus is quieter, but nevertheless the business of American University continues — on campus and off.

As you know by now, I'm a proud AU alumnus. Earlier this month I spent a morning on campus strolling through the quad. In my ten years since graduation, the campus has grown and evolved but it is still quintessentially AU. I was taken aback by how welcoming the campus is. Kerwin Hall, the renamed Ward Hall, is bright and welcoming. The new Don Myers Technology and Innovation Building is cutting edge and really leading the way in breaking the digital divide. It is really has me in awe.
One of the conversations I've been having lately with fellow alumni is about the importance of "wearing the AU badge." I want to encourage all alumni to wear "the badge" with honor, distinction, and pride, both figuratively and literally. And I want to extend an offer to you, as I did recently to the class of 2018...If you don't have an AU badge (read: lapel pin), email me at, and I'll make sure you get one! (Supplies are limited, though, so don't wait!)
Finally, if you need some inspiration this month, just check out all the impressive alumni featured in this issue of Alumni Update. From new grads making waves in journalism to an alum/adjunct professor being honored for saving taxpayer dollars and an alum named to the Board of Trustees, we have many impressive Eagle alumni to celebrate. It's just one of the many reasons I'm grateful to be an AU grad.
Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle,
- Joe Vidulich, SPA/BA '08