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Submit an Awards Nomination

What must be included in the nomination packet?

  • A separate nomination form must be completed for each nominee.
  • In addition to the nomination form, nominators must submit a 1-3 page statement establishing the candidate's qualifications with clear and concise detail as to why he/she should be selected for the award, as well as an additional 1-3 letters of recommendation. Please limit the total number of supporting documents (NOT including the nomination form) to 10 pages.
  • The Awards Committee, comprised of members of the American University Alumni Board, will not conduct independent research on a nominee, and the Committee will only consider information when it is part of a submitted nomination.
  • The Awards Committee will also not consider nominations that consist solely of a nominee's resume.
  • Incomplete nomination packets will NOT be considered.

How do I an alumni awards nomination?

Please complete the nomination form online, along with the additional nomination statement and letter(s) of recommendation. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 202-885-5900 or