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Ambassadors Visit With Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies

Photo: From left: French Ambassador Pierre Vimont, SPA Dean William LeoGrande, CCPS Director James Thurber, and Iceland Ambassador Hjalmar Hannesson.

From left: French ambassador Pierre Vimont, SPA dean William LeoGrande, CCPS director James Thurber, and Icelandic ambassador Hjalmar Hannesson

Three ambassadors were among the guests at the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies' first roundtable lunch on Jan. 19.

Ambassadors Pierre Vimont from France, Hjalmar Hannesson of Iceland, and Shankar Sharma from Nepal visited with CCPS director James Thurber and School of Public Affairs dean William LeoGrande. 

Among the topics discussed were the U.S. Congress and U.S. foreign policy toward their countries.