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AU Introduces the New Degree Audit

The Office of Information Technology has launched a new Degree Audit Report, which allows students and academic advisors to track student progress towards degree completion. 

This new report replaces the DARS report and is currently accessible from the new portal. Some of its features and advantages include:

  • easy to use interface that serves as a 24/7 interactive guide students can use (from any location) to track and plan their progress toward graduation and other academic goals
  • color-coded layout that displays a tailored view of completed, in-progress, not started degree requirements
  • current students can see how adding a new major will affect their graduation date and undeclared students can explore prospective majors
  • eliminates much printed paper, contributing to AU’s efforts to be environmentally friendly

As with any new tool, students should carefully review their Degree Audit Report. Contact your academic advisor with questions about specific course work related to your major or minor, or for further review, clarification, or modification. Your advisor will work with you to find answer to your questions, and ensure that the Degree Audit report correctly reflects your progress towards completing your degree requirements.

For questions about accessing the Degree Audit Report, please contact the IT Help Desk at 885-2550,, or instant message AskAmericanUHelp.