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What a Year: AU Jazz

AU Jazz Orchestra: "What a Year..." Online | April 21, 7:30, 2021

The AU Jazz Orchestra, with special guests Paul Carr and the Jazz Academy of Music will share their music, methods, and their thoughts from the past year. The session will present the music we made, and show what we went through to do it.

The performance will be lead by Joshua Bayer and will include special guests Paul Carr and the Jazz Academy of Music!

ProgramAUJO will be performing the following songs:

  1. "125th and 7th" by Oliver Nelson
  2. "Black Nile" by Wayne Shorter
  3. "Tune 2" by the American University Jazz Orchestra*
  4. "Room 608" by Horace Silver
  5. "Tune 3" by the American University Jazz Orchestra*
  6. "Just Friends" by John Klenner and Sam M. Lewis

*Tune 2 and Tune 3 are BRAND NEW works written, orchestrated, and performed by the students this year and this will be their first official performance of these songs.

AU Jazz Orchestra PlayersUnder the direction of Joshua Bayer

  • Tim Wojan
  • Rose Blackwell
  • Edward Cascella
  • Natalie Flynn
  • Samuel Lawrence Graziano
  • David Greenburg
  • Jacob Kallick
  • Zachary Levi
  • Thomas Lowenstein
  • Benjamin Morse
  • Andrew Freeman
  • Jacob Niederman
  • Elijah Zarov
  • Kyle Homschek
  • Megan Seaman
  • Grant Wayne
  • Rose Antol

Jazz Academy of Music EnsembleUnder the direction of Paul Carr

  • Elias Applebaum: Trumpet
  • Jordan Bell: Alto Sax, Trumpet
  • Harry Brandt: Alto Sax, Trumpet
  • Juliana Capizzi: Vocals
  • Sten Greifer: Drums/Percussions
  • Elijah EJ Lester: Piano
  • Laesio Littlejohn: Electric/Upright Bass
  • Matt Mason: Drums/Percussion
  • James McRae: Guitar
  • Joshua Morris: Alto Sax, Trumpet, Piano, Drums
  • Julian Penzes: Trombone
  • Loren Littlejohn: Trumpet