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Colloquium on Scholarly Communication: Understanding Predatory Publishing, Thwarting Predatory Publishing

, Bender Library Training and Events Room 150

Updated 9/28/18

Predatory publishing is a form of low quality, amateurish and sometimes unethical academic publishing. Why did it arise and why does it continue to thrive? Thwarting predatory publishing is possible when stakeholders grasp the underlying conditions that drive this phenomenon.

Monica Berger is Associate Professor, Library, New York City College of Technology, City University of New York. Her “Beyond Beall’s List: Better Understanding Predatory Publishers, “ (co-author, Jill Cirasella (CUNY Graduate Center)) is frequently cited and she presented a contributed paper on predatory publishing at the 2017 Association of College and Research Libraries conference based on her forthcoming book.

The American University Library's Colloquium on Scholarly Communication features experts from both American University and the larger academic community presenting on challenges for academia in the twenty-first century.

A light lunch will follow the presentation.

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