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Noontime Conversation

, Butler Board Room

Updated 9/16/19

Shari Pattillo (Associate Director of International Student Development, KSB), Joseph Mortati (Professorial Lecturer, Department of Information, Technology and Analytics, KSB), Angela Dadak (International Student Coordinator for the Department of Literature) & Polina Vinogradova (Director of the TESOL Program, Department of World Languages and Cultures)

Fostering engagement from each student is important for not only an individual’s learning, but also the experience of the whole class, as students learn from one another. At this Noontime Conversation, we will discuss with colleagues in CAS and KSB the how and why for strategies that are effective for engaging international learners in the classroom. What approaches do they take for different types of assignments or learning outcomes? What strategies have they used for classroom activities? What lessons have they learned along the way, and how have their student outcomes and classroom experiences changed with the incorporation of these strategies? During this session the audience will hear a variety of classroom strategies that they can take back to their own classrooms. Our conversation will include consideration of graduate and undergraduate classrooms.

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