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The Culture of Activism

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Updated 9/17

From the growing number of marches we have seen in the past several years, activism is swelling to new heights. From the Women's March on Washington to climate marches around the world, from the March for Our Lives to Black Lives Matter, these activist movements are taking cities around the world by storm. Our culture as a society is evolving to be more vocal, continuing to cry out for justice on multiple fronts and issues.

This panel discussion will highlight the importance of several activist movements and how those movements and activism itself have expanded and changed over time. The participants will discuss these topics, as well as share actions that individuals can take to become activists in their own towns. Moderated by SIS professor and senior associate dean Carole Gallaher, panelists include:

Arden Lesoravage - AU student and social media coordinator for AU's student group Students for a Just Society

Parisa Norouzi - Co-founder and executive director of Empower DC

Linda Rodriguez - National mobilization organizer at Greenpeace

Colby Vine - AU student and co-president of AU's Black Student Union

Vanessa Wruble - Co-founder of the Women's March on Washington and executive director of March On

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