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In This Together: Collaborations and Considerations

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Updated 7/7

In This Together: Collaborations and Considerations
Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 2 p.m. EDT

This will be a virtual event conducted via zoom. Reservations are required and can be reserved for free online,

Event Description:
Collaboration is a key ingredient in the culture of creative and productive workplaces. But it’s not a skill that comes easily to media organizations. Public TV and radio stations in the same city or even within a single university have sometimes seen each other as competitors for the loyalty of local viewers, listeners and members. But as mergers, signal expansions and newsroom collaborations have showed the benefits of coming together, those attitudes are shifting. To meet the changing needs and expectations of audiences and donors within the competitive landscape of digital media, collaboration and consolidation are emerging as vital strategies for stability, growth and impact.

Join Current’s Karen Everhart for a conversation with two public media leaders about their experiences leading organizations where public radio and TV are “In This Together.” Kevin Martin is the CEO of Ideastream Public Media in Cleveland, Ohio; Scott Finn is the CEO of the newly-merged Vermont Public Radio and Vermont PBS.

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