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Jerzy Sapieyevski: NewCenturyMusicClub

, Abramson Family Recital Hall

Updated 10/11/12

Jerzy Sapieyevski: NewCenturyMusicClub
a concert-conversation about and beyond the moods of music

Award-winning musician, Jerzy Sapieyevski combines his expressive piano virtuosity with the harmony of colors and rhythms. This unusual concert unites elements of jazz and classical styles with an insightful and entertaining conversation about music and its impact on other endeavors. The distinctive voice of Sapieyevski’s compositions finds its inspiration from the American spirit of George Gershwin, innovation of Philip Glass, and the spontaneity of improvisations by Keith Jarrett and Dave Brubeck. “NewCenturyMusicClub” brings a new dimension to live music presentations.

Tickets: $20 regular admission, $10 AU community and seniors
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