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Student Success Story

A Force for Good in the World

By Anne Hamilton

Rogers explores ruins of the Umayyad Empire dating from the 8th century.

Rogers explores ruins of the Umayyad Empire dating from the 8th century.

As a soldier during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Daniel Rogers '08, focused on more than just the battle he was deployed to fight. Rogers spent hours each day studying for distance learning courses in the back of armored vehicles, in the barracks, or whenever he could find a spare moment and a light source. 

Despite growing up on Chicago’s South Side and shipping off to war, Rogers, who earned his School of International Service B.A. last year, was determined to attend college.

“The single most important thing I took from the Army was the realization that where I came from, what color my skin was or which tax bracket my parents belonged to were irrelevant compared to what I did as a person,” he says.

His experiences in Iraq moved Rogers to dedicate himself to global service and his aspirations found fertile ground when he enrolled at AU in 2006. As a sophomore, Rogers received a Gilman Scholarship to study in Cairo, and as a junior he became a national finalist for the Truman Scholarship. Additionally, Rogers received an Institute for International Public Policy (IIPP) Fellowship. These national scholarships enabled Rogers to intern abroad, study Arabic intensively, and pursue a Masters degree in International Relations.

Now, Rogers works at the Department of State's Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization. He looks forward to a long career helping troubled nation-states regain and maintain stability.