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Advising | Graduate Language Audits: Additional Info


  • CAS Undergraduate Advising
    Fax: 202-885-2429
    Battelle Tompkins, Room 168

    Jones, Christina Noami
    Administrative Assistant

Mailing Address

Dropping a course

Students can drop their audit in the same means they drop any other class via the myau.american.edu portal or via their academic advisor. The same deadlines governing tuition refunds and transcript notations apply to audits. 


The first week of classes

Degree-seeking students always have priority of place and will be seated first, even after classes begin. Once officially registered, you will have access to the class’s Blackboard site and will appear on the professor’s class roster. Be sure to note the Campus Store’s policy on textbook returns before purchasing, opening, or marking any required materials. The College of Arts and Sciences is not responsible for the inability to return books or materials if your registration cannot be completed.


Grading and transcript notation

Language audits are reported on university transcripts as “[LANGUAGE]-025-[section number], Graduate Student Audit in [your language]”, and a grade is assigned. A successful completion of an audit is noted with the grade “L”, while “ZL” is applied to students who are administratively withdrawn from an audit. Neither grade is factored into the calculation of Grade Point Average. As with all classes on campus, the university’s Academic Integrity Code is in effect and penalties for academic dishonesty other than grading may be applied.


Ineligible Courses

Courses taught abroad or beyond American University’s main campus are not eligible for audit, nor are any English language, foreign literature, or TESOL courses (Teaching English as a second or other language.) Only language instruction classes may be audited, so area studies courses, literary and cultural studies, and independent studies offered under language course prefixes are excluded. Check with the College’s representative or with the department of World Languages and Cultures if you are unsure of audit eligibility. FREN-020 and SPAN-050, which are already offered at discounted tuition rates, cannot be audited.