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Peer Advisor Alumni


CAS Undergraduate Advising
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Battelle Tompkins, Room 168

Moye, Christina Noami
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CAS Undergraduate Advising
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Amber Tollefson


What she is doing now:

"After graduating in May 2011, I became a full time nanny for a wonderful family in northwest DC. In addition to being a full time caregiver for 3 young girls, I am attending classes to become a registered nurse."

She says of her experience with the Peer Advising Program:

"My time as a Peer Advisor developed my professional skills and gave me insight into what type of human services I am best suited for. The call to nursing has been a long time coming and being a Peer Advisor helped me embrace the challenge."

Lindsay Inge


What she is doing now:

"I graduated in 2012 with a BA in history. Currently I'm a grad student at the University of Maryland pursuing a MA in Russian/Soviet history and a MLS. I work as an academic advisor in UMD's College of Journalism. I also work part-time for the campus library in the Research Services department."

She says of her experience with the Peer Advising Program:

“My time as a peer advisor helped me land my current job as an academic advisor; my experience working with students at AU has helped me immensely. Alicia's guidance has also really influenced how I interact with students and approach sensitive situations. I loved being a peer advisor and I'm so grateful for the skills it taught me and for the people I met through advising.”

Triana Tello Gerez

2011 - 2013

What she is doing now:

"After graduating in May 2013, and after a year of working in DC, I came back home, to Mexico City, to study medicine. I am now about to finish my first year of medical school."

She says of her experience with the Peer Advising Program:

"I became a CAS Peer Advisor my junior year at AU. After my first year working with dedicated, interesting, fun, and motivated coworkers and supervisors, I was very glad to stay on as a Peer Advisor for my senior year. Now that I look back, those two years at the Peer office helped me grow professionally, academically, and personally. The people, the work, and the structure I received from the program still affect the way I relate to myself, my work, and others.

To this day, students I met with, Alicia, and my fellow CAS peer advisors are my role models and they inspire me to strive for more. Meeting students who were eager to get the most out of their college career, as well as advisors who moved us to take all the opportunities we could, motivated me to work hard and look for new and exciting academic and professional opportunities. The program helped me realize that I am passionate about working with people on an interpersonal level and inspired me to follow my interest in science and helping others to pursue a career in medicine."

Emma Morgan


What she is doing now:

"I had the opportunity to work as the Peer Advising Program Assistant for two years after I graduated from AU. I am now at the Harvard Graduate School of Education pursuing a Masters in Higher Education. While working as the Peer Program Assistant, I was struck by the importance of data and analysis in program design. To learn more about this, I am interning at Tufts University in the Department of Institutional Research. I love my program and the opportunities I'm having this year, and I'm so glad I became a Peer and started on this path!"

She says of her experience with the Peer Advising Program:

"My involvement with the Peer Advising Program inspired me to pursue a career in higher education."

Sofie Friedman


What she is doing now:

"I am currently in my second and final year of graduate school at Loyola University, Maryland pursuing my Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology. Aside from school, I am currently completing my second year as a writing center tutor on campus helping graduate students with their assignments. I also just started my yearlong externship at Goucher College in their counseling center where I work with college aged students with various presenting problems."

She says of her experience with the Peer Advising Program:

“Through the Peer Advising Program, I gained experience helping students one on one in various contexts, improved my leadership skills, and honed my ability to work well with a team. These skills allowed me to secure both my writing center job and the counseling center externship. As a counseling extern, I definitely reflect back on my time as a peer advisor and am grateful that the position both prepared me for the work I am currently doing and made me realize it’s what I’d like to pursue as my career.”

Emily Cea


What she is doing now:

"As a junior studying health promotion and psychology, I started working as a Program Associate (PA) for the UC Public Health course where I have the privilege of both 'living and learning' with the students taking part in the course. By attending their public health class each week and living with the first year students in the residence halls, I am readily available to help students if they have any questions about homework assignments or topics we cover in lecture. I’ve also become part of the CAS Catalysts program where I assist prospective students by answering questions about the Health Promotion major or about life at AU in general."

She says of the Peer Advising program:

“As a result of being a peer last year, I feel very comfortable speaking to other students in a formal, one on one setting. Meeting with students each week, all with a variety of interests and backgrounds, helped me learn to expect anything and feel confident in my knowledge of their desired major. My participation as a peer last year definitely influenced my decision to apply for my PA job which, like peer advising, allows me to work with other students in an academic setting and provides further opportunities to act as a mentor to underclassmen.”

Marcus Del Rio


What he is doing now:

"Over the summer, I held the title of Research Intern for Scripps Networks Interactive. This semester, as a Junior, I am the big data intern for Engage LLC."

He says of his experience with the Peer Advising Program:

"Working as a peer dramatically improved my conversational skills. I enjoyed helping my fellow students and loved the added benefit of meeting great people along the way. The skills I gained have proved invaluable in landing these two great internships since my tenure as a peer advisor ended."


Whitney Livingston


What she is doing now:

"I work for the National Institutes of Health in the National Institute of Nursing Research. Here I do research on mental health disorders such as posttraumatic stress disorder, depression and insomnia, and how these influence gene expression in military and civilian populations. I also volunteer weekly for Warrior Canine Connection where I work with veterans to best train dogs that will eventually become service dogs for handicap veterans. Lastly, I'm currently helping to jump-start a program at local high schools in bringing knowledge to youth about mental health issues in a way that will help them find support and be proactive when noticing signs of poor mental health."

She says of the Peer Advising Program:

"I greatly benefited from the opportunity to work one-on-one with students. The peer advising role was an invaluable position for me as I'll be applying to Clinical Psychology PhD programs next year. This is a rare experience that comes with a lot of trust and responsibility, but also helped me learn when it was time to ask for help from my other peer advisors or Alicia. My role as the Peer Advising Marketing Leader helped me realize how important it is to me to have a creative outlet to my job. I'm no longer asked to create flyers and cool convincing posters at the NIH, but being a peer taught me how crucial it is to know what will give your life balance and then going out and finding it. Now I volunteer training dogs, cook more experimental meals and partake in other creative festivals and activities to maintain the balance I need. I think I've found this balance to be more important as I've gotten older and being a peer advisor helped me realize this."

Elaina Hundley


What she is doing now:

"Since graduating, I’ve stuck around Battelle to be the Peer Advising Program Assistant. The Program meant so much to me as an undergrad and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to stay with it as a supervisor and not only help build on it, but watch it grow and expand organically with a new Peer Advising Team. Additionally, I work as a freelance writer."

She says of her experience with the Peer Advising Program:    

“What makes this program so special is that it not only provides a safe environment for students to receive advice and connect with upperclassmen, but it also provides a supportive environment for the peer advising team. As a peer advisor, I loved getting to know students, learning about academic regulations, then sharing my knowledge with freshmen and sophomores. My work with the program has improved my analytical skills, conversational skills, and heightened my awareness of logistics planning. Helping students get the most out of their college experience is very important to me. This job taught me that I truly enjoy working with students.”