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Advising | First Year Pre-Registration Planner


CAS Undergraduate Advising
Fax: 202-885-2429
Battelle Tompkins, Room 168

Jones, Christina Noami
Administrative Assistant

CAS Undergraduate Advising
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016-8012


From May onward as you complete the Pre-Registration Planner, you will begin to design a schedule for the fall semester. The links below will help you learn about recommended course schedules for all the majors and options you can pursue at American University. You can refer to this information if you are still deciding on a major, or thinking about a second major.

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

CAS suggested schedule and advisor by major:
CAS Undeclared Advisor assigned by student last name.
American Studies, Ramsay
Anthropology, Smith
Arab World Studies, Mandac
Art: Art History, Mandac
Art: Graphic Design, Mandac
Art: Studio Art, Mandac
Asian Studies, Ramsay
Audio Production, Atkins-Mose
Audio Technology, Atkins-Mose
Biochemistry, Atkins-Mose
Biology, Mitchell
Chemistry, Atkins-Mose
Computer Science, Atkins-Mose
Economics, Mitchell
Economics and Mathematics, Mitchell
Elementary Education, Ramsay
Environmental Science, Smith
Environmental Studies, Smith
Health Promotion, Smith
History, Ramsay
Jewish Studies, Ramsay
Literature, Mandac
Mathematics, Ramsay
Neuroscience, Mitchell
Statistics, Ramsay
Performing Arts: Music, Atkins-Mose
Performing Arts: Musical Theatre, Atkins-Mose
Performing Arts: Theatre, Atkins-Mose
Philosophy, Ramsay
Religious Studies, Ramsay
Physics, Atkins-Mose
Psychology, Malamisura
Public Health Andrea Malamisura
Sociology, Mandac
Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Mandac
WLC: Arabic, French, German, Russian, or Spanish, Ramsay
WLC: Foreign Language & Communication Media, Ramsay
WLC: Language & Area Studies, Ramsay


Kogod School of Business (KSB)

Kogod Suggested Programs:
Business Administration
Business & Entertainment
Business, Language, & Culture


School of Communication (SOC)

SOC Suggested Programs (all one PDF):
Broadcast Journalism
Communication Studies
Film & Media Arts
Foreign Language & Communication Media
Print Journalism
Public Communication


School of International Service (SIS)

SIS Suggested Program: International Studies


School of Public Affairs (SPA)

SPA Suggested Programs:
Communication, Legal Institutions, Economics & Govt (CLEG)
Justice & Law
Law & Society
Politics, Policy & Law Scholars (PPL, 3-year)
Political Science


Washington Mentorship Program

WMP Suggested Program